11 Funny Santa Photos

santa photos

Need a break from all the shoppiness madness? Enjoy our take on these 11 funny Santa photos!


Yeah, let’s just all cry.


Santa: What would you like for Christmas?

Baby: To get away from that cloud on your face!


My parents dressed me in a beret and brought me to a talking cotton ball!

11 Funny Santa Photos

Santa: Smile!
Girl: Please don’t hurt me!


Santa, we’re toddlers. We’re crying because mommy told us you’ll bring us five presents and we just want two.

11 Funny Santa Photos

Santa: Just stop, lady. Really. It ain’t happening.

Photo Source: Buzzfeed

I’ll just cover my ears and sing. You guys do what you need to.

11 Funny Santa Photos

No explanation needed, really.

11 Funny Santa Photos

Just go, kid. About time someone took a photo of just me. Smile time!

11 Funny Santa Photos

Someone save us! Santa has my “I’m doing a big poop!” face on!


I tried the present. She’s still bawling. I got nothin’.


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