11 Funny Santa Photos

Need a break from all the shoppiness madness? Enjoy our take on these 11 funny Santa photos!


Yeah, let’s just all cry.


Santa: What would you like for Christmas?

Baby: To get away from that cloud on your face!


My parents dressed me in a beret and brought me to a talking cotton ball!

Santa: Smile!
Girl: Please don’t hurt me!


Santa, we’re toddlers. We’re crying because mommy told us you’ll bring us five presents and we just want two.

Santa: Just stop, lady. Really. It ain’t happening.

Photo Source: Buzzfeed

I’ll just cover my ears and sing. You guys do what you need to.

No explanation needed, really.

Just go, kid. About time someone took a photo of just me. Smile time!

Someone save us! Santa has my “I’m doing a big poop!” face on!


I tried the present. She’s still bawling. I got nothin’.