15 Halloween Crafts For Kids

15 Halloween Crafts For Kids

I feel like Halloween is one of those holidays that you get to experience all over again once you have kids. Once I was too old for trick-or-treating I kind of forgot about Halloween. Then my son was born and it’s like it became my favorite holiday all over again. This will be my sons third Halloween and I am so excited. He’s old enough to know all about candy and I can’t wait to dress him up and take him all over town. In the meantime, I’m dreaming of Halloween crafts and candy and checking Pinterest daily like a crazy person to find new ideas of spreading the festivities all over my house. With all that being said, today I am sharing 15 Halloween crafts for kids. I am so excited to try some of these with my son and I hope you will try some with your kids too!


ghost cookies
Photo Source: Secret Life Of A Chef’s Wife.

Ghost Meringue Cookies. These adorable Halloween cookies from Secret Life Of A Chef’s Wife are spooky and adorable.

healthy snack
Photo Source: Pinterest

Healthy Halloween Snack. I am in love with his crafty food idea from Pinterest. It’s one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.

tootsie pop ghosts
Photo Source: Piper Sand

Tootsie Pop Ghosts. The perfect craft for your kids to make and then hand out to friends or trick or treaters from Piper Sand.

Photo Source: A Beautiful Mess

Ghost Family Piñata. The girls at A Beautiful Mess have created the cutest family of ghosts into a piñata perfect for your kids and Halloween parties.

goodie bags
Photo Source: Swanky Chic Fete

Halloween Goodie Bags. Planning on any Halloween parties this year? These adorable ghostly goodie bags from Swanky Chic Fete would be perfect.

Photo Source: Gourmet Mom On The Go

Ghostly Pancakes. Get your kids in the kitchen to help you make these adorable ghostly pancakes from Gourmet Mom On The Go.

Photo Source: Pinterest

Pumpkin Diorama. How fun is this idea from Pinterest?!

Photo Source: Martha Stewart

Halloween Eggs. Who says eggs are just for Easter? This idea from Martha Stewart will let your kids creatively decorate eggs for Halloween!

candy display
Photo Source: Piper Sand

Halloween Candy Display. Your children will love helping you layer a big glass jar full of their favorite Halloween candy. This idea from Piper Sand is both beautiful and delicious.

Photo Source: Alisa Burke

Painted Pumpkins. Let your kids get creative and paint some pumpkins this year. This idea from Alisa Burke is a safe alternative from carving and just as fun!

paper strip pumpkin
Photo Source: Home School Creations

Paper Strip Pumpkins. I love this clever and simple creation from Home School Creations.

paper plate pumpkin
Photo Source: Call Me Momma Leisha

Paper Plate Pumpkins. The perfect simple craft for little ones. This idea from Call Me Mama Leisha will be a hit with your toddlers.

popcorn mummy hand
Photo Source: Indulgy

Popcorn Mummy Hand. Your kids will have just as much fun making this craft from Indulgy as they will eating it.

Photo Source: Acmoore

Dracula Paintbrush. This idea from Acmoore is so creative and clever!

Photo Source: Fun Hand-print Art

Glow In The Dark Ghost Footprints. Clever? I think YES! Plus this craft from Fun Hand Print Art is a neat way to have your child’s footprints saved forever.


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