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15 Steps on How to Survive the Holidays

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A lot of people have traditions that their family follows for the holidays. Some tell stories, some gather around food, and some people… well, some people are like my family. We celebrate holidays in the most fantastic way possible: running around like maniacs and, of course, laughing our butts off at each other. Here are 15 simple steps to making it through a holiday in my family. Are your similar?

red christmas ornament hanging from tree

Step 1) Plan ahead MONTHS in advance. Really it’s not you planning, it’s the aunt who has to know what everyone wants for Christmas by Easter if possible. If you don’t give her an answer, be prepared to be BOMBARDED with emails and phone calls.

Step 2) After you have answered every possible question she has for your little family, forward the message on to the rest of your family. Because they won’t answer her, get ready for more emails and phone calls.

Step 3) On the week of the holiday, go out and buy cute matching outfits for your family. Because why not show off how adorable and perfect you and your family are, right!?

Step 4) Play on Pinterest for hours “looking” for the perfect dish to make the day before the gathering.

Step 5) The DAY of, realize that you never washed said outfits or baked that pie you thought looked amazing. Scramble to get everything washed and dried in time and run to the store to buy whatever burned pies or cookies they have left over.

Step 6) End up saying, “FORGET IT!” about the outfits when they still aren’t dry and lay out nice clothes for your husband and wrestle with the kids to get them dressed in time.

Step 7) Rush through getting yourself ready, only to realize you have no skill in hair or makeup.

Step 8) Get everyone and everything packed into the car. Half way there, remember the burned pie you left on the counter. Great.

Step 9) Finally reach destination, only to have to rush through eating to make sure there is time for the other half of your family (that you never see) who decided to celebrate on the SAME day.

Step 10) Arrive at second destination only to have to wait for everyone else to arrive. Try to get anti-social husband involved in conversation.

Step 11) Enjoy dinner and time spent with family…until they all start arguing. LIKE THEY DO EVERY YEAR.

Step 12) If it is Christmas this is generally when gifts get opened. Usually one aunt cries at a gift. Or because someone told her jokingly she was adopted….again.

Step 13) Try to shove all the gifts into the trunk that you forgot to clean out….for the third year in a row.

Step 14) Get the grumpy kids and tired husband home so that everyone can sleep (and if it’s Christmas you hurry to get everything wrapped and under the tree).

Step 15) To conclude your epic holiday, you get to wake up the next day and do it all again. Hopefully this time you don’t forget the pie.

Do you have any funny stories about the holidays with your family? Share with us in the comments below!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.