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30 Unique Baby Names To Grandma’s Eyebrow Raise

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Baby Gizmo is back with another baby naming guide and this time it’s for you parents who love the incredibly unique (some might even say “weird”) names! But you’re a strong, independent couple who don’t need others’ opinions so who cares if the name you choose raises an eyebrow or two! Your kid will be the only one on the playground with his unique name.

Here are 30 suggestions, some with real meaning and others made up that just sound cool:

  • Amya, variation of Amy or Amaya, a small town in Syria
  • Atlas, for the traveling loving parents
  • Aviana, English origin, variant of Aviva or Ava
  • Bandit, recommended for confident rock star parents
  • Bodhi, Sanskrit origin meaning “awakening/enlightenment”
  • Branch, word name associated with trees but you could choose to think of this one as more symbolic, like branching out into a new world
  • Chardonnay, for the alcohol enthusiast parents
  • Dalary, modern invented name
  • Daleyza, modern invented name, pronounced dah-LAY-zah
  • Dasani, yup, like the water brand
  • Django, I didn’t know the D was silent, did you? Romani for “I awake”
  • Dot, can be a nickname for Dorothy
  • Hester, meaning “star”
  • Klee, origin comes from a Swiss artist’s last name, pronounced “clay” but be prepared to always correct people after they pronounce it in a way that rhymes with “key”
  • Lake, for the nature loving parents
  • Laken, taking “Lake” to the next level
  • Navaeh, “heaven” spelled backwards
  • Nyx, Greek mythological name
  • Primrose, name of a flower (or for the Hunger Games fans)
  • Raven, for the animal loving parents (or the Edgar Allen Poe fans)
  • Roald, Norwegian meaning “famous ruler,” pronounced RO-ahl
  • Rune, meaning “secret”
  • Sansa, for the Game of Thrones parents
  • Shango, African origin, mythological name
  • Sincere, virtue name
  • Trillium, name of a flower
  • Ulric, means “wealthy, powerful ruler”
  • Zephyrine, Greek origin, the feminine variation of Zephyr, both meaning “west wind.”

And by far the most unique name I’ve personally heard: Shadynasty, pronounced Sha-dynasty but I know you just saw “shady nasty!”

Keep in mind, one man’s “weird” is another man’s love. You might be looking at this list thinking these aren’t very unique at all, while another parent might be staring at it thinking they’d never name a kid any of these in a million years. To each their own!

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What other unique, unheard of, or “weird” names have you heard before? Let’s share and grow this list!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.