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5 Fun Activities To Do As Summer Winds Down

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Summer will be over before we know it and I’ve crammed in so many activities for my kids already. Yet, they continue to complain about being bored! So what do we do when there’s only a few weeks left of summer before school starts? If your creativity is tapped out and you need some more ideas, no worries, we have you covered! Here are four fun activities and one awesome craft that I have used as my kids (and I) get restless!

Water Obstacle Course: Check out the awesome ideas Meaningful Mama has for a fun water obstacle course that every kid would love! You can even finish the course with a game of water balloon baseball to keep the wet fun going!

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Cozy camping in a blanket fort: Don’t have a yard to go camping in? Don’t have all the supplies to pack up and camp out in the mountains? No problem! Everyone pitches in to build a blanket fort in the living room and watch a movie inside it! This is a staple of childhood that I didn’t realize I had been forgetting to do for my kids until recently!

Ice Painting: This is a great, cold activity to do while it’s still scorching outside! I love how Inspiration Laboratories connects it to science for a learning opportunity so win-win!

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Family movie marathon: Every member of the family picks a movie they want to watch and picks their favorite snacks to share. And if a popcorn fight breaks out, that’s even cooler! It’s a fun way to share some quality time together.

Puffy paint ice cream cone craft: Using shaving cream, Elmer’s Glue, and paint, you can create the cutest art, and then go get a real ice cream cone while the art dries! See directions HERE from Crafting Morning.

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What are you doing with your kids as the summer winds down to keep them entertained?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.