5 Elements of a Good Diaper Bag

5 Elements of a Good Diaper Baggood diaper bag

Shopping for a good diaper bag that is right for you is serious business. This is the accessory you will be carrying around practically every day while you have young kids so it’s important to consider a few things before making your purchase:

Quality of material—you paid money for it, so it had better last.

Cosmetics—not only should the material be durable, it should be attractive to you as well. When your bag is cute, you feel cuter, too!

Carrying options—When you’re in the thick of chasing down your kids, how do you want that bag to sit on you? What’s the most convenient?

Pockets—Thinking about location and number of pockets before you make your purchase will help you figure out if that bag will organize the way you want.

Price—No need to spend hundreds if you end up liking a cheaper option, but the best bang for your buck type diaper bag is generally worth the money. How much are you willing to spend?


Watch our quick video about important tips to remember before buying a new diaper bag:


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Holly Hicks-Guski
You did a great Job Heather! I have to say that you are totally right and hit all 5 of the major key points when picking out a diaper bag. That Ju-Ju-Be one is PERFECT! And I hope and pray that one day this mommy’s dream of owning one will someday come true very soon! I love being organized and I am so ready to get rid of the monkey themed diaper bag we’ve had forever. I hate digging all over to find everything. And I would love to carry around something cute and stylish. After all it is me… Read more »