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6 Adorable Halloween Costumes for Babies

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Babies are cute. Babies in adorable costumes for Halloween are to die for! So this Halloween, if you’ll have a baby, take advantage and dress him or her up to have some fun! Here are 6 adorable costume ideas for babies:

halloween costumes for babies
cabbage-patch baby costume
This was the photo I based my daughter’s outfit off of
cabbage patch doll baby

Cabbage Patch Doll

My daughter was 8 months old when she had her first Halloween. A friend knitted her the wig and I found her outfit at the local thrift store. We dabbed on freckles with my brown eyeliner and BAM! Instant Cabbage Patch cuteness! It helped that she had big cheeks!

baby-skunk-costume adorable

Baby Skunk

Have you seen THIS video of the twin babies crawling around in skunk costumes? My dad thought they were real skunks the first time he saw it. If you have a baby that’s at this crawling stage, this costume is perfect!


Dobby the House Elf

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, this costume will appeal to you particularly. Your baby will be much cuter than the real Dobby, though, I’m sure!

bag of cash costume

Cash Bag

If you want to coordinate your baby’s costume to mom and dads’, this is a cute idea. Mom and dad are robbers and the baby is the bag of cash they get away with.


Subway sandwich

Little newborn babies can get in on the fun, too! Since a newborn is swaddled most of the time anyways, why not turn her into a Subway sandwich?

old-man- baby -costume adorable
little_old_lady costume adorable

Little old man/woman

My baby will be 8 months old this Halloween and he is super duper bald. My husband and I always joke about his hair when he first was born—total old man hair! He had hair around the back of his head and nothing on top! Right then and there I knew I wanted to draw on wrinkle lines and make him be an old man for Halloween. How adorable are these costumes!

What are you dressing your babies up as this Halloween?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.