6 Adorable Halloween Costumes for Babies

halloween costumes for babies

Babies are cute. Babies in adorable costumes for Halloween are to die for! So this Halloween, if you’ll have a baby, take advantage and dress him or her up to have some fun! Here are 6 adorable costume ideas for babies:

This was the photo I based my daughter’s outfit off of


Cabbage Patch Doll: My daughter was 8 months old when she had her first Halloween. A friend knitted her the wig and I found her outfit at the local thrift store. We dabbed on freckles with my brown eyeliner and BAM! Instant Cabbage Patch cuteness! It helped that she had big cheeks!

baby-skunk-costume adorable

Skunk: Have you seen THIS video of the twin babies crawling around in skunk costumes? My dad thought they were real skunks the first time he saw it. If you have a baby that’s at this crawling stage, this costume is perfect!


Dobby the House Elf: If you’re a Harry Potter fan, this costume will appeal to you particularly. Your baby will be much cuter than the real Dobby, though, I’m sure!


Cash Bag: If you want to coordinate your baby’s costume to mom and dads’, this is a cute idea. Mom and dad are robbers and the baby is the bag of cash they get away with.


Subway sandwich: Little newborn babies can get in on the fun, too! Since a newborn is swaddled most of the time anyways, why not turn her into a Subway sandwich?

old-man- baby -costume adorable

little_old_lady costume adorable

Little old man/woman: My baby will be 8 months old this Halloween and he is super duper bald. My husband and I always joke about his hair when he first was born—total old man hair! He had hair around the back of his head and nothing on top! Right then and there I knew I wanted to draw on wrinkle lines and make him be an old man for Halloween. How adorable are these costumes!

What are you dressing your babies up as this Halloween?