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  1. Do you recall any great exhibits or activities in the evening hours? Since the zoo closes at 9pm, do you suggest any special night activities to go to? THANK YOU!!

  2. Great tips! Looking forward to my next trip to San Diego to visit the zoo. My husband and I will definitely make a pit stop at Sydney’s Grill for a couple of cold ones!

  3. Wonderful tips! I really appreciate someone who will go ahead of me, do the research, and report back all the information I want to know. I also loved the photos and agree that the strollers look a little on the uncomfortable side, though I imagine they use hard plastic for easy cleaning. Thanks for the great, informative review!

  4. I was just planning a trip from Northern California to San Diego and a friend sent this link to me. Very helpful and practical advice. I especially appreciate the budget conscious tips!

  5. I have never been to this zoo and found this information helpful to plan a family visit with our daughter in the future. I enjoyed the author’s writing style and photo evidence from their trip. I hope to see more from Charlie Tested on this site. Now time to go like Charlie Tested on Facebook.

  6. Nice review but a few important facts parents need to know:

    1) Double Strollers are not allowed on the skyfari. If you have an infant and a toddler, best to bring a single stroller and a baby carrier.

    2) The zoo is typically 5-10 degrees colder then other areas of San Diego. This is due to its position in a canyon and ample shady trees. So always bring a sweatshirt.

    3) You can exit the zoo and come back in with a hand stamp. Maybe leave the lunch in a cooler bag in the car. A picnic in Balboa Park is a nice option. There is a grassy area just as you leave the exit. Near the kids train ride ($3).

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