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8 Adorable Father’s Day Crafts

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Today I’ve rounded up 8 adorable Father’s Day crafts that your kids will love to make and dads will love to receive! The best part is not that they are cheap, easy and clever, but that they all double as gifts. Take a look, pick your favorite and get to crafting!

Photo Source: Elementary Art Fun

Trophies From Elementary Art Fun. These trophies are so good, they almost look like the real thing. Dad will like it even BETTER than the real thing because it was handmade by his favorite kiddos.

popcorn gift for dad
Photo Source: Creatively Christy

World’s Best Pop From Creatively Christy. Do you have the best pop in the world? Let him know by filling a bag with pop tarts, blow pops, soda pop, and popcorn. Simple and clever, my kind of craft!

candy pots
Photo Source: Make It Love It

Candy Pots From Make It Love It. Dad might not want flowers in a pot this year but I bet he’d love candy in one! Have your kids paint and decorate the pots and then fill them with dads favorite sweet for a delicious Father’s Day craft!

massage tee
Photo Source: The Winthrope Chronicles

Race Track Tee From The Winthrope Chronicles. A pretty clever idea! Make dad a tee that has a homemade race track on the back. Let him take a snooze while your kids gently race cars on his back. Kids get to play, dad gets a massage. Win win!

nuts about you
Photo Source: A Step In The Journey

We’re Nuts About You From A Step In The Journey. A simple craft that dad will love! Fill up a jar with his favorite nuts and have your children decorate a homemade label!

Photo Source: Creatively Christy
Photo Source: Creatively Christy

Love You To Pieces From Creatively Christy. Have a chocolate loving dad? Fill up a canister with Reese’s Pieces and create a matching label and a homemade tie to attach to the front for a fun Father’s Day craft!

Photo Source: She Knows

iDad From She Knows. Got a techy dad? He’ll love this homemade iDad card for Father’s Day!

Photo Source: KMC Kay Designs

Golf Gift From KMC Kay Designs. The perfect gift for the golfing dad in your life. Get clever with the packaging and dad will be able to tee off for days!

We hope that these Father’s Day crafts ideas start you on the right track to getting ready for celebrating dad.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.