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  1. This is really unacceptable! To remove a pregnant woman and a two year-old from a plane is unbelievable! I’ve experienced all of the types of annoying and smelling people on the plane and I absolutely agree that I prefer a crying kid that will eventually fall asleep… Really unfair case!

  2. Let us not forget “Strong Perfume Lady” or “Bathed in Cologne Man”. These people should have to ride in the cargo hold for their inconsiderate grooming habits.

  3. Yes, society has become void, callous and rude, but please include parents in this, too. Your article makes it sound like parents and kids are excused from void, callous and rude behavior.. On airplanes, I have been whacked in the head, kicked, spilled and spit on, found a shitty diaper stashed in the seat pocket, and been subjected to wailing banshees, and the parents have done little to nothing to stop the behavior or, at a minimum, apologize (“Hey folks, we’re working on it” would go far.). On the other hand, I’ve watched parents deal with tantrums, misbehaving, sick, fussy, frightened, and bored kids like champs — they know what the triggers are and how to stop it, or at least tone it down. I’ve been next to or near most of the other types you describe and they are equally annoying. We all know babies and small children can’t control responses and I believe most people give that a ton of leeway. But I, for one, am thankful when someone finally says, “enough!”. Having kids isn’t a free ticket to the attitude of …. “I’m here, so suck it up.” Sorry, but you’re a bit one-sided on this debate.

  4. The last inconsiderate person is by far the most foul because they’re not impaired or oblivious they’re out and out rude. Couldn’t agree more with your post.

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