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Mandy lives in Kentucky with her husband, two sons, and a dog named Dude. She has a graduate degree in International Relations, but is currently living life as a mommy and a blogger at Words by the Glass. She is a regular contributor to Baby Gizmo, and her work has also been featured on Scary Mommy, Indie Chicks, and Tipsy Lit.
summer travel

5 Summer Travel Essentials

5 Summer Travel Essentials Snacks This is the cardinal rule for all outings with children under 10. I’m not talking about baked kale chips sprinkled in...

The Startling Realities of Motherhood

Has anyone ever woken you from a peaceful slumber with an ice-cold bucket of water? You’re sleeping peacefully then BAM, water in the f*ing...
Depression During Pregnancy: Unspoken Pain

Depression During Pregnancy: Unspoken Pain

It was a random night in the winter of 2008. I was conducting tear-soaked web searches for “depression during pregnancy,” because Antepartum Depression was...
babies sign

Are You Going to Try for a Girl?

Are you going to try for a girl?? The sign currently on my vag. I don’t get this question too often anymore because most of the...
From Lloyd Dobbler to Mark Darcy: A Dating Timeline for Gen X Women

From Lloyd Dobbler to Mark Darcy: A Dating Timeline for Gen X Women

As a woman of a certain age, I often find myself thinking about stupid and inconsequential scenarios while doing mundane things like laundry, sitting...
The Mom’s (Tumultuous) Relationship With Style

The Mom’s (Tumultuous) Relationship With Style

As a blogger, a mother, and a woman, I am curious what other moms think of style. Is it important to you? If so, is...
mommy wars

The Working Mom VS The SAHM

As we say goodbye to 2015, I’m saying goodbye to the mommy wars. I never participated anyway because I truly don’t give a crap...
5 Terrifying Questions From Your Kids

5 Terrifying Questions From Your Kids

  1. Can I get my own grocery cart? This sounds benign enough until you find yourself shopping with the equivalent of a poorly trained NASCAR...
mom vacation

When Mom Goes On Vacation

Not every mother gets to go on vacation. And by vacation, I mean being away from your home city at a radius of no...
dragon costume

Let’s “Chase Lightning Bugs” On Halloween

My oldest child wants to be a dragon for Halloween. I’m not an “Oh cool, I’ll make one from old jeans and false hope”...
best mom

All The Best Moms

I think all the best moms share a few things in common. Mostly, we know when to talk, when to shut up, when to...
Parenthood Truths

The Universal Truths Of Parenthood

This list was inspired by two things: 1.My youngest son who, while my back was turned, colored his hands, legs, feet, and the basement carpet...