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  1. That you need to drink lots of hot chocolate so your milk supply comes in. This is a common belief in Latin America. I understand drinking more water, and how drinking fluids in general might help, but not specifically just hot chocolate.

  2. That you have to pump and dump if you have a glass of wine. (Once the “buzz” feeling is gone you are fine)

    That you need to separate yourself from your baby if you are sick. (If you are formula feeding this is true but while breastfeeding your body makes antibodies against whatever bug you are sick with. Those antibodies go straight to your milk which keeps your baby from getting sick)

  3. That all women can breastfeed. I tried everything, fed my baby a lot and for long periods of time! He didn’t gain weight until after I supplemented. It broke my heart but I’d rather him be a healthy weight than him continue to be skin and bones.

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