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  1. I just signed up for the 30 day Free trial. I hadn’t heard anything bad about it so I didn’t check it out when I signed up for it. Now I’m sorry for not doing it ?. I can’t afford to pay for it if it’s not worth it. That’s what I get for trying to get something for free. Now I’m going to have to keep an eye on my credit card for the 30 day to make sure that I don’t get charged for something that I don’t want anymore. Thank you for your help in this matter.

  2. Don’t sign up for it AT ALL, you can’t delete your credit card info on the site, they don’t answer calls, they will keep billing you after you cancel and you will have to file a fraud claim with your credit card. Just stay away, I’ve been dealing with their drama for years

  3. Horrible customer service.They continue charging me for the Whole year in spite requesting to cancel it.They refused to refund the money . Totally uncoperative no phone to contact.Shame….

  4. I was going to sign up for this program, but I am very unsure due to the reviews. I am a single. mom and can not afford to be charged extra money. I must know how to make sure if I cancel I will not be charged.

  5. I cant believe the response i received from abcmouse after talking to someone about them taking $19.95 for three months out of my account every year (for two years and one month on the third year) even after i cancelled and was bluntly told i could sue or do whatever i wanted to do but i was not getting any refunds. Something needs to be done about this. It is very unethical and dishonest.

  6. I have used abc mouse in the past more than once, …there was indeed one time when I thought I had cancelled, but was still being billed unknown to me. It was an account on an email address I no longer used, and I was actually being billed for two accounts because I had reopened an account with the same credit card but using a different email. I would have assumed that there would have been some sort of “flag” to prevent me from opening two concurrent accounts with the same cc info, but maybe that is assuming too much. They did not refund our year of billing, but added 4 months to our current (2nd) subscription.
    I have recently reactivated our account, believing that the previous problem was an honest mistake. I’m wondering now if that was wise. 🙁

  7. ABCMouse is a big scam. I’m having trouble cancelling the subscription. They wont answer the call or return the call.

    1. Over a year ago ( 2015), I cancelled my subscription with ABC Mouse but kept noticing my credit card being charged. I contacted them through their website, couldn’t find a number. Then they refused to refund me for several months and only refunded for the current month. Now last month, April 2016, I got another charge for $19 plus. So I contacted them again via their website. The money was refunded but they were rude enough to tell me that they’re giving me a refund as a courtesy. These people are scams. How can you do me a favor when I no longer have a subscription with you? This company needs to be investigated. I DO NOT WANT ABC MOUSE USING MY CREDIT CARD AGAIN. I requested to be fully removed from they records. I want nothing to do with them ever.

  8. Please don’t sign with this company, if you do make sure you cancel as soon as you know you want to cancel. They will charge you every month or year even if you don’t use it or like me forgot about it. And they will not refund you and I really needed that extra money, but they don’t care.

  9. I signed up for this service for my 3 1/2 year old son. He seemed to enjoy the program initially but in a short time became bored and quickly lost interest. I tied to contact customer service several times for assistance, I received no response. We later tried to cancel and again received no reply. I did eventually learn that we were billed in advance for the entire year and no refunds would be available to us. Our year finally expires this February. I will be watching my CC statement closely to make sure we are not billed for another year.

    I still see the ads for ABC Mouse all the time. Very disappointing that Nick Jr. and other kids channels still allow these misleading ads to be broadcasted

    1. I had the same problem. I had trouble with the site freezing and getting stuck on my son’s “path” at the same spot. I had no response and requested several times to cancel. I finally canceled my credit card to prevent charges. When I was finally able to speak to someone directly, she was extremely rude and kept speaking over me and repeating “strict no refund policy”. I was stunned with the lack of professionalism and insincerity. Wish I knew a better way to get the word out.

  10. SCAM!
    ABCMosue keeps charging me after I cancelled.. Month after month, tehy keep taking money despite a cancelled subscription. They never sent any emails saying they kept taking money from me, they keep taking it without notifications,, I emailed customer service many times, they keep given me generic responses, they take no responsibility at all. They just keep stealing my money, Stay far, far away from this company.

  11. I have had similar issues with this website. I don’t like how the website is set up and it does seem more suited for classroom use only. Also the apps are not very user friendly. My child is very good at using other children’s apps and the ABC mouse apps are not well made. I had to cancel the cc that ABC was billed on due to the Target fraud situation, so I guess due to that ABC mouse wasn’t able to bill me anymore when our year was up. I didn’t have to deal with customer service but I had a feeling if the site and apps weren’t great, then the customer service would be lacking as well. My child’s preschool uses another computer based phonics system (I don’t know the name) and my daughter is thriving. I don’t recommend ABC mouse.

  12. watch out for these people they will double charge you and there to lazy and incompetent to bill you correctly. from what i have seen the site isn’t all that its cracked up to be the app never works and that web page has a lot of issues as well.i would never recommend this site to anyone.

  13. Signed up for one year (2013). My daughter flew through the site and after 6 months it was boring to her. After one year I tried to login to the website and was unable. Now it 2015 and I just got billed 59.95 by ABCMOUSE. After checking my records I noticed they also charged me the same amount in 2014. I called and canceled the account. I asked them to reimburse me for the two years. I couldn’t even login to the site even if I wanted to. How can they bill me without my authorization? Beth told me she could reimburse me 45 dollars and that was all she could do. I said fine and asked to speak to someone higher up. They were no help at all either. People should beware of ABCMOUSE’s tactics. Shouldn’t this be fraud? Shouldn’t there be a class action law suit? I think so.

  14. I have the same problem too abc mouse charge me twice this coming month of July even the month haven’t started yet and I have proof for that been trying to go to my account but they locked it and it says I used a wrong password but every time I request for a new password is got no reply on my email but got it on the next day and every time I tried to click the link it says my request is invalid just because of its a very late reply and same thing happens over and over again you request for a new password they won’t reply you as soon as you needed it but they will reply it late and when you click the link same thing happens now my husband has cancelled my card info to iTunes but I’m not sure if it will affect my subscription on them if not we are totally doomed,and to think my son is only 27 months and he don’t use it anymore,and I decided to cancel my subscription but nothing happens maybe all I can do is totally change or cancel my bank account info and request for a new one that way they couldn’t charge me anymore it’s really caused so much frustration for us as a parent and as a subscriber.

  15. Wow! Thank every last one of you for sharing your expierences with ABC mouse , I was so close to clicking that submit button for my ” free trial” but something told me to dig a little deeper before I do this! I must have back spaced so fast right now and closed out tabs lol, thank you all seriously !

  16. This is the worst company ever. I have canceled several times and they keep billing my credit card. I have talked to customer service and asked to have my credit card removed from the site. They assure me it is done after the cancelation. I have canceled twice and the billing will not stop.

  17. Where I grew up, being tough was more important than being educated. I can help you guys rough up some of these ABC mouse folks.

  18. ABC mouse got me good. They promised 1 month free and charged not only the promised yearly sub of 56.00 but 70.00 for their coffee money i guess. Please watch out. DON’T do it. They never sent me a confirmation email. Now what do i do?????

  19. I’ve tried the just last month but my daughter is really not much interested so i’ve decided to cancel before the free 30 days trial that’s what they’re saying. But it surprised me that it’s very hard to cancel my membership, and they already charged me $9.29. I don’t know what’s happening, they not telling the truth, i don’t want to think that it is a SCAM but part of my mind tells that it is. First they’re telling in the website there is a FREE 30 DAYS TRIAL, and there’s EASY CANCELLATION, and the subscription is $7.95 per month but then in my case that’s all lie.

  20. I just canceled our subscription, and in the account settings it does show that it was, in fact, canceled. For the people that are still being charged, does yours also say the same? And also it looks as if you can go in and change your credit card information. Perhaps delete your credit card information. I will be checking my bank statement to see if I am charged after our subscription date ends.

  21. I too, am still being billed by ABCMouse. I canceled a couple months ago and thought that was that, until I received an email from them saying that they are unable to charge my CC. I didn’t even know they were still charging me! Thank God I had to cancel my old card and get a new one or who knows how long it would have been before I found out! I am furious at their underhanded and shady business practices and have already contacted to BBB and encourage everyone else to do the same.

  22. You should all call your credit card companies and report these unscrupulous tactics as fraud. Also, you can try your state attorney general.

  23. Remember that credit card companies can (and will) refund your money from scam artists. They do NOT want you to be afraid to use their card! The scam artists have to pay the credit card company or they don’t get credit. Forget the FTC, prove your case to your credit card company , and they WILL get the money from ABCmouse and you will get satisfied. If enough people do that, the scam artists can’t survive.

  24. There is no way to explain how someone could be so unscrupulous as the owners of this website. What infuriates me so much is why Sprout, in light of all of the complaints about STILL chooses to have NO ethics at all, and take the advertising dollars, rather than telling that their character does not represent Sprouts’ ideals.

    God save America!

    1. After using ABC mouse for four months I am completely frustrated by their lack of competent customer service. I try to view their instructional videos and I find that they are for teachers and not parents. When I email customer service they just keep telling me to view the same videos that don’t apply to the single child users. When I complain they lock my account and We have to go through numerous emails to let me use the account again. ABC MOUSE is not worth the frustration.

  25. I am so glad I checked all the comments regarding ABCmouse. i will not sign up with them. I had a similar problem with where I just kep being billed over and over again.
    I finally found out that i could file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.
    Please, everybody with a problem regarding billing with ABCmouse, file a complaint.
    go to Go to “other website issues”, hit continue and fill out the online info sheet. I never got bothered by the cooking website again.

  26. Major SCAM!
    We did the free trial and my son (5 1/2) loved it. So we got the year program. After 6 months he never wanted to play it, so we cancelled….several times. He’s 7 now. We still get billed every month, we have called and emailed our cancellation multiple times. We’ve notified our credit card amd they continue to refund our account (the cc company, not abc mouse). The program is fine and the kids get on it every now and then (since we are still paying for the stupid thing), but it’s certainly not worth the $144 we’ve been billed so far. Buyer beward!

  27. I cancelled my one year subscription because my kids weren’t using the program as much. When I cancelled the website stated I still had acces for the year but my subscription was cancelled. So basically I already paid for the one year so we could still use it. However, last week I was charged a yearly subscription fee again!! I have emailed and I am looking for the customer service number to call. I am very upset because I didn’t give the company permission to charge my account. I also didn’t receive any email notification of my account being charged or subscription being renewed. Just a $60 charge on my account.
    I am highly upset with this company!!!!!!!

  28. Total bait and switch. They off you a free month, but charge you for the year. Good luck getting a refund. Their IOS app works intermittently. Total garbage. Stay far far away.

  29. I’m having the exact same billing issues as everyone else here. I had trouble logging in the 2nd time my son went to use the site. I emailed customer support & never got a reply. So I sent another request to cancel the account…a year later, Its STILL being withdrawn from my account. I just sent another email & copied myself so that I have proof. This is ridiculous!

  30. This app is terribly buggy. That’s pretty disenchanting to a 3-5 year old who use it as a big part of their homeschool curriculum. Even once reset, the program freezes, gets stuck on activities and will not let the child move to the appropriate level without constantly resetting it from our main computer. You can pretty much forget about using it on an ipad.
    I wish they would work out the kinks before selling it to homeschool parents on a silver platter. I’ve worked in software programming systems with fewer bugs than this silly app.

  31. Seems like a common problem with them….continuing to bill after canceling…I can’t believe they are getting away with so much of took me three times to finally get them to stop and that is only cus I demanded a conformation email so if I get billed again I have proof they are taking my money without my permission….When I canceled before on website it said same thing on screen but no email….

    1. I just cancelled my year subscription. I received a confirmation email regarding the 39.95 progress report being cancelled an no future billing, but it didn’t mention anything about the yearly charge being cancelled. On my account at the website, it states that the account has been cancelled and that no future billing will occur. Was this your experience as well? I just want to know if you had received the same info and if after were still charged. I want to keep my eyes open. Have there been any more charges since? Thank you for this post.

  32. This site is a complete ripoff. They make it very difficult to cancel the account once you start being charged monthly. Don’t fall for this scam. JB

  33. abc mouse is a scam and a waste of money i would not recommend to anyone try to cancel and all they do is offer you more for more money smh do not sign up with them and then they have the nerve to not have a telephone available dont waste your time or money

  34. I tried ABC Mouse and was actually okay with it. But I cancelled it due to not really using it. Well, I’m not happy because this is the second month they have withdrawn money from my acct AFTER my cancellation. I cannot find a number and when I send emails no one will help me. So I’m not happy with them. I wouldn’t use them again.

  35. I love ABC mouse! I’ve tried everything to get my 4 year old to learn letters. She could never remember what the letters were. One day working with ABCmouse and she can remember a, b, c, and d! I’m amazed!

  36. I am displeased with ABC Mouse they keep billing me and billing me and have cancelled my subscription to them so I pay for what?!!? Honestly there are much better FREE online places you can get all this stuff for your child to learn. What a joke!

  37. I am very dissatisfied with ABC Mouse. They billed me for $60 and when I didn’t like the site after 2 months they refused to refund any of my money, and “nicely” cancelled my account but let me know that I’m paid through 2014. I am extremely frustrated because everything on the site is available for free elsewhere, and the cost is outrageous. Also as an educator, the content is low level and not to high standards of learning.

    1. I just cancelled my account, and received the same information as yourself. I’m curious to know if you had received any other charges after the year expired?

      1. did you call the 1800 number to cancel?i just signed up for the 30 day trial and i can’t seem to get a hold of any one to cancel

  38. so far so good. I love this site. I never thought that my 3 year old would be completely independent when using this site. I wanted to utilize it as a child/parent participation sort of a thing. I like sitting with her while she’s doing the activities and lessons so I can help fill on a lot of the blanks that seem to occur when your kid is in the “why phase”. If you’re willing to participate with them this is an amazing program. it helps set up guidelines for lessons , activities and conversations. I see it being more as training wheels for the parents 🙂

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