The Amazing Journey with the Vue (GIVEAWAY)

Baby jogger Vue


Congrats to our winner – Jayme H.

Dear Baby Gizmo Family,

In the last 21 days, I had no idea how much fun that I would have with you on your big journey from Illinois to North Carolina. To my surprise, the Southern Caribbean just happened to be on the route but I’m not complaining. I knew the little guy still needed a ride on adventures like this, so I was more than happy to sign up for the trip. What I didn’t realize is that we would be traveling by car, plane and boat and those modes of transportation just happen to be my expertise. But you knew that, right?!?

When we left Illinois, I knew you were short on space in your car, so I’m really glad that you were happy with my compact size. “It’s good to fit in tight spaces”, I always say.


The Gateway to the West was awesome even if we were headed east. I think this is where my little buddy and I became fast friends! Who doesn’t like Batboy, right?!?

Baby jogger Vue

When we met HER, I knew things were about to get crazy! She was awesome! She really taught us a lot! We talked about animals.

Vue Zoo

We talked about fashion.

Vue Lake

I’ll carry her bag any day!

Baby Jogger Vue

I was sad to see her go but I knew the journey must go on. When we arrived in Nashville, I was right there by your side. Since it was Father’s Day, I let dad have the glory job of giving the boy a ride. I knew my day in the sun would come.

Baby jogger Vue

Little did I know how quickly it would get there. I was happy to save the day by carrying all the groceries to the Myrtle Beach condo.

Baby Jogger Vue

When Batboy returned, I was happy to help save the day with my reversible seat. Batboy was the only one who could make that little one stop crying.

Baby Jogger Vue

We were having a great time at the beach and didn’t think things could get any better and then you busted out the passports!

vue passports

I quickly folded up and took my place in my travel bag to get on the flight. I wasn’t going to be left behind!

Baby jogger Vue

A cruise?!? You guys were taking me on a cruise?! Sure, I kept my cool on the outside but I was giggling like a school girl on the inside! When we hit that boat deck, I was in heaven!

Baby Jogger Vue

I thought Myrtle Beach was nice but it didn’t hold a candle to a Caribbean beach. I didn’t care if sand was in my wheels or if I was covered in sand while he built sand castles. I was just so happy to be there.

Baby Jogger Vue

The cruise was amazing! We even had time to joke around in the mornings before the bars opened.

Baby Jogger Vue

When the cruise ended, I knew it was time to get back home. Your NEW home! That’s right, we finally made it to our destination (even if we did take a detour to the Caribbean!).

Vue Charlotte


I was so happy to be along for the journey that I made a video so that I could remember it always!

Thanks so much for bringing me along on your amazing journey. It really was a journey of a lifetime for me! Cars, planes and a boat – what more can a Vue ask for?!? Just remember how well I performed, how compact I folded and I didn’t whine a single time! Crossing my fingers to be along on your next trip!

Your travel buddy,


PS. I had so much fun with you that I’m recommending my friend to one of your families. Yep, he needs a new home and so one lucky family will win him!



What’s up for grabs: One (1) Baby Jogger Vue Stroller (winner chooses color!)

HOW TO ENTER: Rafflecopter is back for this one but we are making it SUPER EASY to enter! Only one mandatory entry and the rest are optional entries. You can do them if you want or not. Giveaway starts now and ends at 11:59pm EST on Friday, July 11, 2014. US only! (Sorry, Canada!) But let us warn you – if you want the extra two entries, make sure you actually do the entries! If you click on “leave a blog comment” on the Rafflecopter widget – make sure you actually leave a blog comment. We check! If you don’t do the actual entry – it doesn’t count! You won’t win. We’ll both be sad.

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  1. Hello, Im wondering to buy the vue lite.
    We will do a trip when our older will have 4 years old and our baby 9 months so I was searching for a stroller that could fit both. Is the vue right for this ages?
    Its really easy to push?

  2. Id love to win this! Were going on a cruise next month and our current light weight stroller has a nearly inaccessible basket and a wonkey wheel.

  3. I love all your stops but it has been a long time since I have been to the Raceway. I would love to see a Race and I have not been to Charlotte in a long time.

  4. Well, I’m partial to St. Louis…I love the Arch and the Zoo…but I think my favorite part would be the Caribbean.

  5. Wow!..i had no idea the Vue was reversible..pretty awesome for a lightweight stroller thats compact n travel friendly!! I’d love to win his for my baby!♡

  6. Love the Batboy pushing the stroller with the seat reversed! Such a handy feature 🙂 – to have a big brother and a reversible seat 🙂

  7. Loved all of the Vue’s journey. The Vue ended up in Charlotte, NC and so did we! Well actually, we are in Concord, NC right now visiting my daughter and her family, who recently moved here. She would love to have The Vue with so much to do! Thanks Baby Gizmo!

  8. My fave was the Cruise!
    Stroller be taking cruses and I have yet to go on one. On my list. 😛
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  9. My favorite stop was the beach. Man its been years since I’ve felt the sand between my toes 🙂

  10. My favorite part was on the beach because I cant believe it goes through the sand. I also liked that it was easy to navigate and that it could be switched to front facing.

  11. Very nice video and showed how much the stroller can do. The bar picture was cute. Having my 3rd child and love how I can use the infant car seat with it. So will fit well in my car.

  12. My favorite stop was Myrtle Beach where you saved the day by carrying all the groceries. Who knew something so compact, could handle such a big load! All moms could use a helper like that!

  13. i have been waiting 18 years for an umbrella stroller that is reversible with full recline..that will actually LAST more than 6 months…..woo hoo !

  14. Oh…I’d love to go to the Caribbean too! Or a cruise. I can’t decide! Both sound great. What a fun trip!

  15. Oh gosh this stroller is RAD!! Thanks for the sweet chance! We would definitely get lots of great use out of it at the beach & also I bet it could totally be a champ on our hiking trail!!

  16. The Vue looks awesome! I loved Batboy pushing baby in the reversible seat-so cute! Of course the Caribbean would be my favorite location the Vue went in it’s travels 😀

  17. Favorite stop has to be the cruise. My son turned 1 yesterday and we are planning to hopefully take our first family vacation and go on a cruise this fall. I would absolutely love to have a lightweight/compact stroller like the Vue to take on this trip and future ones.

  18. I think the beach shot is the best. I’m always on the hunt for something that does well in the sand. Looks like a great trip too!

  19. I love this stroller !!! Amazing, my favorite part is that it has the reversible seat. I could definitely use this for my little one.

  20. Hi! I live in Chile, but soon my sister will travel to U.S. with her kids and they will take a cruise, soooo, this stroller would be great for her!!!!!! We have adress in U.S., so no problem!

  21. I grew up in NC so spent many great times in the Myrtle Beach area, mostly North Myrtle Beach, so that’s my favorite stop on your journey.

  22. I should be using this valuable time to sleep. Since my one year old is finally down for a nap and I am 6 months pregnant, but instead I am entering into an amazing giveaway.

  23. So much fun watching your trip! The Vue would be a perfect gift for my first niece or nephew due in the new year!!!

  24. I see there are so many entries already and I don’t have much of a chance but one day I hope I will win something big! Had to happen eventually right! Love baby jogger!

  25. I loved seeing you take the Vue all over the cruise. What a great stroller to take around everywhere (even in the sand!)!!!

  26. I definitely liked batman pushing the stroller. As a 1st time grand mom I want a lightweight stroller that travels well, with the ability to front & rear face. I did a lot of research & this one is topping the list. Did I mention this is going to be grandmom’s stroller.

  27. I commented earlier, but was wondering why rafflecopter gives only 6 entry choices (all with +1), but shows 7 possible on top right of box. Thank you.

  28. My favorite stop is… “When Batboy returned, I was happy to help save the day with my reversible seat.”

  29. The best part was the trip to Myrtle Beach. I went once many years ago and have often wished to go back. I love the beach, I hope to share that love with my little one soon. Great personification story!

  30. I love the image of your daughter at the water’s edge! I don’t know where you were, but that’s a beautiful photo.

  31. My favorite part of the Vue’s journey was seeing her bellied up to the beach bar with your son and daughter. Now that’s a good friend! 🙂

  32. I loveeee this jogger vue its the best stroller ever no other like this one its what i have pucture and thought wouldnt find in years

  33. The cruise! I’ve never been on one, but I love the photos. I’ve always loved stuff like that. taking pictures of something all over the place! 🙂

  34. I love how compact it is, and the travel bag. We have a toddler and baby on the way. This would be perfect for vacations and family visits.

  35. myrtle Beach for sure, we went when I was a child growing up. I’m from KY originally so Myrtle Beach was the place to go

  36. How fun to see your beautiful family taking this adventure and making memories! My favorite is the Father’s Day photo — pure sweetness. We need this versatile & easy stroller! Best I’ve seen so far…

  37. What a fun trip, I’m loving this stroller, seems compact, light weight and I love the reversible seat and area in the back to hold bag, definitely in my “vue” now!

  38. Love the features and look of this stroller! The fact that you can take it on the sand on the beach is awesome!!

  39. This would be wonderful for our trips to Albuquerque to visit my in laws! Lots of road trips in our future!

  40. My favorite part was the beach. Especially because we had to cancel our trip there due to Hurricane/Tropical Storm Arthur 🙁 Would love to have a Vue for when we reschedule!

  41. I loved the ease of flying with The Vue, my daughter and I will be flying from Phoenix to NYC to visit family and it looks perfect!

  42. Loved the cruise. Never would have thought about taking a stroller on a cruise, thank you for that!! And Bat,an?! Are you kidding me, best idea ever!!

  43. Would love to win this stroller! We travel all the time and this would be perfect! We live in KC and it looked like the Vue may have made a stop at our airport. Loved the beach part though!

  44. Love our city mini, but miss my son facing me now that he’s out of the infant carrier. This would be perfect!

  45. My favorite stop was at Nashville during Father´s day. They also deserve their special moments and memories with the kids, and not only work work work. 😀 I believe those moments are special for everyone.

  46. I love babygizmo and love baby jogger. I currently use the baby jogger city select double seats and I definitely recommend baby jogger to anyone anytime. Great quality products and great company customer service. I’m so excited for the Vue. It looks so easy to use for traveling.

  47. The cruise! Never thought about the need for a stroller like the Vue on a cruise. He’s such a handy stroller!!

  48. My favorite stop on the #vuejourney was myrtle beach condo. The stroller is so versatile it was even helpful with carrying the groceries. Also being able to make it to the beach! I need a stroller like this for my baby!!!! 🙂

  49. Looks like you all had a great time! My family could definitely use this stroller especially since we travel often!

  50. The carribbean beach of course was the best stop! I’m now jealous of a stroller getting to go where I’ve never been LOL! Cute story, love the write up of the letter from the Vue and would love to win one to take on our own adventure. =)

  51. This looks like a fantastic stroller that is the answer for us. I’m absolutely desperate for a new stroller for my very buggy reliant 2 year old. Recently faced with many challenges we have been trying to cope with using the old one he doesn’t fit anymore so this would be truly wonderful and helpful to win

  52. The Caribbean cruise was my favorite part of the journey! And who wouldn’t love the beach in the Caribbean! Someday, I will get there!

  53. The cruise was definitely my favorite part of the #VueJourney! We’ve taken our kids on a couple and had a fantastic time each time.

  54. the cruise seems super fun…but I hope to never have to take a baby on a cruise 😉 ….so that fashion cowgirl boots/swim suit pic is by far the cutest!

  55. Now that my son is 2, I don’t need all the features of my regular stroller and considering I live in a cramped NYC apartment, this would be perfect!

  56. Loved this! I have been eyeing the vue for a long time! I have to say the grocery trip was the most relatable since i am always amazed at how much “stuff” strollers really can hold and how useful they are, makes me wonder how i will ever make it on outings once my 3 kids are all past stroller age!!

  57. Loved the cruise pics! I recently watched Holly’s video on why ou need to bring a stroller on a cruise! Holly you have my dream job:-)))

  58. Thank you for all your great video reviews. I’ve gone through quite a few strollers and now that my 2 older sons won’t be needing a big double stroller, I’m excited to buy a little one for the little girl on the way!

  59. I was glad to see how it fit in the trunk of your car. I’ve been looking for a more compact stroller since my little guy has gotten bigger and we have limited trunk space.

  60. I loved the beach stop! I’m so heavily pregnant right now and I’m so hot at all times, but I really do miss the sand between the toes and cool water.

  61. My favorite part of the trip was the kiddos pushing the groceries back to the MB condo. So cute that they helped out!!

  62. My favorite stop was a t the zebra man you guys get around. I am impressed ant how versatile this little stroller is and how compact

  63. This would be a great stroller for our new little addition that is joining the family soon.. We thought we were done having kids so we gave everything away and then found out a little surprise was on the way… This would be a huge blessing to win this stroller..

  64. My favorite part of #VueJourney was the cruise (along with how compactly that little guy folded up for the plane ride)!

  65. The kids with the animals is cute. My son loves going to the zoo, this stroller will make it easy and comfortable for everyone.

  66. This stroller looks beautiful! I love the fact that it is so compact when folded. I never won anything but maybe this time…? 🙂

  67. I love the fact that it folds so small and that get moves well on all terrian. I seriously am considering purchasing one for,our daughter since her Quinny Buzz is so large and takes up way to much rom.

  68. This stroller is amazing and would be so excited to use this for my sweet baby boy. Great giveaway!!!!

  69. what a fun vacation!! I wish I could get away to somewhere new. I never thought a lightweight stroller could go on the beach?!

  70. It has been fun to see all the vacation spots! Definitely want to program a cruise next! I want to travel with the Vue too!!! 🙂

  71. I love batboy saving the day helping push and calming the baby who was facing him. My 6month old adores my 4 year old. This stroller would be perfect for us. Thanks!

  72. thank you for your great reviews, pictures, and sense of humor! Loved watching the Vue Journey.
    As a frequent traveler, the Vue would be perfect for our family.

  73. forgot to say my favorite stop, it’s the cruise at the bar with the stroller on the bar stool 🙂

  74. I love your blog and YouTube videos. They are always so entertaining and informative at the same time. The vue looks like a great traveling stroller!

  75. I love the Blue iguana Tequila bar VUE stop! LOL!!!! That cracked me up! I can see you sticking that up there on the seats. hahaha

  76. My fav part of the journey was the cruise! Awesome to see how well the Vue did in all the different terrains.

  77. Great review!! Makes me want to get on a cruise ASAP and it would be great to have a Vue to take along!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  78. That looked like an awesome trip!!! I be always wanted to travel east! And that stroller sure must’ve helped too!

  79. I loved all of the caption contests and entered all of them (Although I never won!). My favorite was the Nashville photo though. This was so clever. Thanks for the giveaway!

  80. really love when the Vue was taken to the Caribbean cruise, always wanted to go to a cruise and this gives me more reason to want it more 🙂 amazing journey indeed!

  81. Loved the cruise deck photo. How chill did your little guy look in his hat and sunglasses, relaxing in his Vue?!?! Adorable.

  82. Creative marketing. Love the fun at the bar and being taught about animals. Every momma needs humor and a super accommodating stroller.

  83. I love the stop at the beach! We are heading there tomorrow with 3 kids and lots of adults, wish I had this stroller to bring along!


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