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Tips on Getting a Natural Laundry Routine Going!

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Slowly but surely, I’ve been greening my laundry routine. I almost typed “our” laundry routine, but let’s face it, around here, I’m the only one who regularly starts up washer and dryer, so … yeah. I used to grab the biggest bottle on the aisle with the the most promises – brighter whites! longer lasting color! amazing scent! – but at one point I looked at the ingredients and didn’t know what any of them were. Problem. So, I started researching what would clean best while being a bit safer for my family.

Today, I’ve rounded up a handful of my favorite laundry routines that are more au natural than most. Enjoy!


I love homemade options – just search Pinterest and pick something to try. If it’s not love the first time, make some adjustments. You’ll find something you love in no time at all. It’s fresh and cheap. You can make it yourself in just a few minutes and a little goes a looooong way. It gets out all the normal stains you’ll run into – food, the outdoors, markers. Yep, winner.


Just don’t. I stopped a long time ago and haven’t noticed that our clothes are less soft. Of course, they don’t smell exactly like “spring explosion”, but I just take that as “no chemicals.” You can explore some natural options here and here, more on my favorite below.


Wool dryer balls are amazing! We told you about them a while ago here! They dry our clothes much faster – which cuts down on energy use – AND soften them thanks to the extra tumbling momentum. You can make your own, but I’ve learned with some things it’s a better idea to spend my time elsewhere and buy from the experts.

dryer balls


I live in the Pacific Northwest, so for 5/6th of the year a clothesline isn’t my most effective option for drying clothes. I do however, implore this divine drying rack from IKEA. It’s compact and fits quite a bit.

drying rack


I will admit, on rare occasion I break out the real bleach for some spot treatments, but in most cases the sun is my #1 whitener. It’s truly amazing how stains fade right away with a little touch of the sun!

What are some natural/green elements of your laundry routine? Share your favorite brands, tips and tricks!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.