Baby Names Especially For Those Holiday Blessings

Baby Names Especially For Those Holiday Blessings

The holidays are such a magical time to be preparing for a baby. Thinking of baby names, folding little winter clothes, and enjoying all the Christmas cookies with little guilt!

Three years ago, I experienced it all. With a December 28th due date, I ate my fill at Thanksgiving, enjoyed all the pre-Christmas festivities, and then settled in, wondering if I’d have a Christmas baby or if he would hold on until sometime in the New Year.

If you have a little one on the way and are still waiting to stumble upon the perfect name, perhaps some of these subtly, holiday-inspired names will strike a chord!

baby names especially for those holiday blessings

Alegria – European Portuguese for “joy”

Amaryllis – A Christmas flower, nickname Amara, Mary, or Lissie

Benedict – Latin for “blessed”

Bianca – Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Bianca means “white”.

Carywyn – Means “a blessed one who is thankful”

Celeste – Means “heavenly”

Demetria – The goddess of harvest

Douglas – After the tree

Eve – For none other than Christmas Eve

Friede – German for “peace”

Gwenyth – Means “to be blessed or thankful”

Hollyn – A fun spin on Holly

Jasper – Means “bringer of treasure”

Juniper – Means “of the winter tree”

Luca/Lucia – Means “bright light”

Lux – Another “light” meaning

Maize – In reference to Thanksgiving

Nima – Means “a blessing”

Noble – Another tree reference that doubles as a virtue nod

Noel/Noelle/Noella – Means “the Christmas festival”

Paz – Spanish for “peace”

Sena – Means “to be blessed”

Shay – Means “a gift”

Starria – Like a star

Whittaker – Means “white field”, and I love the nickname “Whit”

Winter – Because, ’tis the season!

Do you have any favorite baby names that tie into Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year? Share with us!

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