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Baby Shower Games And Activities

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My best friend is expecting a baby and I am in the beginning stages of planning a baby shower for her. Baby showers are a lot of work but so much fun! So long as you plan ahead and have some great food on hand, you’ll be golden. So if you’re about to throw a shower for your friend of family member, here are some fun games and activities that are sure to get everyone laughing!

-Name That Baby. Create a baby photo guessing board. Ask everyone who comes to the party to bring a baby photo of themselves and then have fun guessing who’s who!

-Gambling. On a large piece of poster board, draw out the calendar for the month of the baby’s due date. Have guests to write their initials on the day they think the baby will arrive. Mention the prize up for grabs like a Starbucks gift card or tickets to a movie. Email everyone when the baby is born to share who the winner is!

-Arts and Craft Table. Have guests make onesies for baby, or a bow if it’s going to be a girl. I’ve also seen a scrapbook table set up where guests each create one page of a scrapbook writing messages to the baby and mom and then the host can put it all together as a book when everyone is finished!

-Dirty Diapers. I love this game. Fill diapers with melted, smashed up candy bars and have guests guess which candy is in each “poopy diaper.” Gross but delicious!

Guess The Baby Food. Take the labels off baby food jars and have guests guess which flavor each jar is. To make it even harder, blindfold everyone so they can’t see the color!

-Don’t Say Baby. Give each guest a pin when they come in and tell them they can’t say the word baby. If you hear someone say baby during the day, you get their pin! The person with the most pins by the end of the party wins a prize.

How Big Is The Bump? Get a roll of yarn, and have everyone cut a piece according to how big they think the expectant mom’s bump (waistline) is. The person that has the string closest to mom’s actual size, wins!

-Baby Items. Put a bunch of different baby items like a diaper, wet wipe, rattle, etc on a tray. Put the tray out for everyone to see for one or two minutes and then take it away. Give everyone a piece of paper and pen and have them try to remember as many items as they can from memory. The person who remembers the most items wins!

-Baby Sketch Artists. Pass out pens and sturdy paper plates to everyone. Everyone must draw their best picture of a baby, only with the plate on top of their head.

-Drink Up. This one would work great for co-ed showers too! Fill baby bottles with juice or water or anything of your pleasing and see who can drink down the bottle the fastest.

-Diaper Derby. Split into teams and have each team use only toilet paper and diapers to create a one of a kind outfit for one of their team members. See who created the cutest look!

-ABCs For Baby. Create an ABC book for the new arrival. Have each guest take on a letter and create a page for the book using that letter. Once everyone is done, compile all the pages together to create a keepsake for mom and baby.

-Diaper Raffle. Have each guest bring a pack of diapers to the shower and let them know they will get one ticket for each pack they bring. Do a drawing at the end of the shower and give away a nice prize to the person who’s name you draw! This is a great way for the new parents to stock up on diapers ahead of time because we all know how fast new babies go through diapers!

-Quilt. If you’ve got some talented sewers at the party, have everyone create a quilt square that you will later sew all together and give to mom and baby.

-Meal Share Sign Up Sheets. Have a meal share sign up sheet at the baby shower where guests can sign up to take a meal to the new parents once baby has arrived. Have every guest leave their contact info and make sure to write down all dietary restrictions the family might have. Once the new baby arrives be sure to contact everyone and arrange a time they can bring the new family food!

-Advice For Parents Station. If the shower is for first time parents, have everyone write their advice to parents on a note card.

-Photo Booth. Create a photo booth background for everyone at the party to take photos. It could be as simple as grabbing some funny props at the Dollar Tree and making a fun backdrop!

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Daniel Nathan

Wednesday 30th of July 2014

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