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Granted, we’ve only done preschool so far, but my favorite first day of school tradition is the photo. For each of the last three years, we’ve had my daughter stand in front of the same hanging frame on the first and last day of the school year (wearing the same outfit on both days each year). We have a great line of six photos showing how she’s grown. With the move to a new house, though, we’re going to have to start a new photo tradition. I’ve been doing some research and here are some fun ideas I’ve found. Of course, you’re welcome to incorporate them into your own back-to-school photo shoot.


I love the idea of having the kid pose with a favorite book. Or books, as the case may be. How fun it will be watching their interests change! (How long before they’re posing with a Kindle…?)

Photo credit: Cool Mom Picks

Props are always an awesome idea. And using balloons is both awesome (prop!) and fun (balloon!).

Photo credit: Sunshine Praises

Do you like the idea of making one of those boards with your child’s interests printed on it in gorgeous handwriting? Do you feel like your handwriting doesn’t quite cut it? Take the photo and use your computer to add the info later. This is the cleverest use of siding I have ever seen.

Photo credit: via The Stir

It’s important to get all your kids in the photo—even the ones who aren’t headed to school yet.

Photo credit: iheartfaces

Have a bunch of kids headed off to school? Get them all in one great photo. The direction they’re facing is up to you.

Photo credit: Keshia Gardner

If you have older kids who are somewhat less enthusiastic about going to back to school, you can provide the joy and excitement. If your kids are younger and/or looking forward to their first day but you still want to express your excitement, jump all you want to anyway. They’ll get a kick out of it.

The Daily Herald, via their website, has some fantastic back-to-school photo ideas that go beyond that adorable staged first day photo and include things like back-to-school shopping and the first day of school’s morning routine. Does your family have a first day of school dinner tradition? Mine has always done lunch, but with the start of full-day school, we’ll have to move to dinner. Anyway, take photos there, too! Keep your eyes open for those fun back-to-school moments that are happening before, during, and after the start of classes.

Here’s wishing your kids (and you) all the best as the new school year starts!

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