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Boost Your Immune System

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This is not a scientific post. I’m not a doctor or an expert, just a mom. So, if you’re another mom or mom figure, and we talk how we do about all the little bits of life, this is what I’d toss into the conversation when it comes to boosting our immune systems.

I like to say “boost your immune system” instead of “not get sick” because 1) glass half full, my friends! and 2) boosting your immune system is all about preventative care … staying ahead of the sickies. And that totally makes sense to me. So, this is what I, the hubs and our two kiddos do to keep our bodies strong, weather colds well, and stay healthy throughout the year.


First up water. Our bodies are made up of roughly 60% water, so, when deprived, they just can’t function optimally. This news article convinced me that 100 ounces a day is a good goal. Plus, more water usually means less soda, coffee and other unhealthy and often calorie laden beverages. Pretty much, water is a great nutritional boost to see us functioning well.

So, water goes in our mouth to fuel our body but so does food. Whole foods – the real stuff – is amazing at boosting our immune systems and keeping us strong. As Hippocrates said, “Let food by thy medicine and medicine by thy food.” Amen. I’ve been collecting whole foods based recipes over here and you know what? It’s all pretty delicious looking/tasting!

I could go on and on about vitamins and supplements. When our food and environment doesn’t cover what our body needs I’m thankful that we can rely on extra boosts. But, when it comes to immunity I like to take special care to my vitamins B and D intake.

I’ll highlight one supplement today – elderberry. Also known around here as the queen of immunity boosting. You can make your own or buy it (our favorite); take it daily or save for when you’ve been exposed to illness. Whatever you do, elderberry has powerful properties that boost your immune system and more. My daughter loves a teaspoon or so mixed in an ounce of grape juice – mommy doesn’t mind a shot of that either!

Essential oils are all the rage right now, right? Funny thing is, they’ve been around for hundreds of years. When it comes to true health care, I often find myself diffusing and diluting/ applying essential oils blends like OnGuard as a preventative measure and immunity boost for our family. This is where I do lots of my oil research to determine what is best for our family’s needs.

Now it’s your turn … how do you boost your immune system?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.