How to Hide Your Grey Hair (VIDEO)

how to hide grey hair

While people say that having kids keeps you forever young, they don’t tell you that they can also make you look really old too by giving you lovely things like a squishy belly and grey hair. Today, I’m not even touching the belly thing (I’m still mad about it!) – I’m just talking about the grey (it’s really quite silver!) hair that I like to blame on my kids. Well, I’m sure my husband has contributed a few here and there as well. WHY CAN’T HE JUST PUT HIS SHOES AWAY?!?!

Okay, I digress.

No matter why it happens…the kids, the husband, old age…many of us are going to tackle grey hair at some point. Some of us a little earlier than others. :/ Since I’ve had grey hair for YEARS (I think they started when I was 21 or 22 which just happens to be when I got married. I’m just sayin’!), I’ve learned different tricks to hide my grey hair in between dye jobs. Yep, as a busy mom, I can’t get to the salon for root touch-ups as often as I’d like and when I try to do it myself, things get ugly. So, when the silvers start to show up, my tricks come into play at least for a few weeks.

Today I’m showing you 5 ways to hide your greys in our Baby Gizmo Video of the Day!