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  1. Definitely get a drying rack that unfolds from the wall. I installed a small simple one and love it.

  2. I’m trying to figure out plans for a new house too! I’m looking at a laundry/mud room to contain all the muddy shoes and it will be windowless. when you have views out every side of the house the garage HAS to go somewhere. I think I’m going to do a low tiled shower type thing instead of a sink. We have a huge furball of a dog that is constantly muddy and 4 kids that come in the house pretty much the same way. It will serve as dog wash, kid rinse and I can throw a dishpan in it to soak clothes or rinse them off right there too.

  3. I have stacked washer and dryer (I am 5′ 3″) and I love them. Room next to them for a stacked sorting system, also could have a pullout folding counter or ironing board.

  4. Do you hang many clothes to dry? I know I do. Your inspiration pics look great, but I would include space for an ikea grundtal clothes drying rack or some other similar rack.

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