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Building a House with Pinterest – Playroom Edition

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Welcome to week 3 of our Building a House with Pinterest series! Last week was all about the family room and the week before was the kitchen. This week we are focusing on the playroom. Yes, my new house will have a dedicated playroom/bonus room and I’m super excited about it. We had a playroom in my old house and I just can’t imagine not having a room dedicated to all the toys, crafts, kitchens, video games and everything else that my kids clutter up my house with. 😉

Our old playroom was nice but I have BIG plans for this new one. Remember Pinterest didn’t exist when I was decorating my old house and the possibilities and ideas are absolutely endless with my good friend, Pinterest. Chalkboard paint, reading nooks, video game corners, window seats, organization…oh my! The playroom will be big but I’m still worried about how I’m going to fit all my ideas in that room! 🙂

This post will be more about design and decor of the room rather than the actual room build itself. NOTE: We have tried to source as many of these photos as possible, but honestly, Pinterest is becoming a mess with photos that don’t lead to the original source making it very difficult.

First, with three kids, organization will need to be key in this room otherwise it is just one big mess all the time.

Like many boys, my 4 and 7 year old love their cars. They have a ton of them. I love this wall car storage idea from a LO and Behold Life from Spoonful that keeps all the mini vehicles in one place. Just getting the boys to put them back after they play with them will be the next challenge.

Car Storage

My daughter on the other hand is obsessed with stuffed animals. Seriously, her stuffed animal collection is out of control! Maybe we just build a “zoo” like Veetje and keep all the furry little friends in there?

Zoo storage
Photo Credit: Veetje

Books, books and more books! I’m to blame for the number of books the kids have but rather books than useless toys, right?! This tree bookshelf looks easy to make and doubles as decor and organization.

Tree Bookshelf

I think we might have more books than that though so a wall of books might be a better idea? 

Wall Bookshelf

I’m not sure about the set-up of the room and where the door is but this bookshelf behind the door might be a great way to save on space.

Corner Bookshelf

Next, we need a dedicated space to read all those books. This reading corner that I saw in a model home while house hunting in North Carolina is amazing. I love that they elevated it and put a railing to keep it its own space. Now, I just have to find perfectly sized kid arm chairs like they have.

Game Central

Another idea is to make a window seat. There is a big, beautiful bay of windows in our new playroom that is just begging for one of these! I didn’t add it to the builder’s list of things to do because it would have been too expensive but I think my husband could duplicate this one if he really tried. He’s pretty handy!

window seat

If that elaborate window seat is too much, I could always persuade him to try his carpentry skills at this one from Sure, our windows aren’t set up like that but he could just modify it a little bit.

Window Seat
Photo Credit:

I’m kind of obsessed with a “reading corner” for this room but if one of the ideas from above doesn’t work out, we could always add a teepee to the playroom corner and dub that the reading corner. I don’t think it would fit all three kids at the same time though.

Pink Stage
Photo Credit: Liz Carroll –

This type of stage might be a better idea for them.

Kids Stage
Photo Credit: Autumn Ray Interior Design

This playroom will also double as the craft room, so there needs to be room for those too! I am in love with this chalkboard wall and craft corner in this photo below. Seriously, the blackboard, space for hanging art, lighting and table and chairs are just perfect. I may have to copy this one exactly.

Craft Room

Another idea that I like for the craft corner is this chalkboard and cubby wall! Not as awesome but definitely a close 2nd.


Since my kids are getting older, they are getting more and more into video games. Not just the iPad apps (you can play those anywhere!) but the actual Wii video games. Not to mention the TV shows they will want to watch (when not doing their chores and homework, of course!). I think the room needs a TV corner, so this is another TV/game corner that I saw in a model home while house hunting.

Game Central

I might be in trouble because I think this is a lot for one room. Luckily it is a four corner room and I have four main ideas – reading, TV, craft and stage. I’m not sure it will work out that neatly though. I guess we’ll have to see. 

Do you have any playroom ideas that you’d like to share? We’d love to see and hear about them. Leave us a comment and let us know!

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Saturday 9th of July 2016

I am looking for a tree bookcase like this for my school. Can you tell me where to get one please.

Kevin Scott

Monday 11th of May 2015

Could you please give me the plans and instructions for the tree bookshelf?

Thank you,

Kevin Scott


Wednesday 2nd of April 2014

You could Potentially combine the stage with the reading tent: if you had the pink tent design, and had floor pillows for sitting those could be pulled out to be audience seating when it turns into a stage.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.