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  1. Just an FYI, the website listed for the Billings Ovulation Method is broken and is not an official site anyway. The official international site is The official US site is Canada:

    Great post! I certainly agree that women deserve to know all of their options!

    Billings is simply a way of assessing fertility. If the assessment reveals that ovulation is not occurring or is occurring infrequently, the method itself cannot fix that. But it can reveal clues as to what the underlying cause of the ovarian dysfunction might be (insulin resistance, elevated prolactin, thyroid disorders, inflammation & endometriosis, etc). With the help of a knowledgeable doctor, finding the underlying problem and correcting it can restore ovarian function so that ovulation occurs more regularly, or at least more healthfully. It’s also helpful as a way to assess whether a prescribed treatment for an underlying problem is actually helping to improve ovarian function. If not, less time is wasted on ineffective treatment and something else can done. The pregnancy rate for couples using the method to conceive is 78%. It doesn’t claim to be 100% successful for all couples who wish to conceive.

  2. I’m a sypmto-thermal method user myself. I love it.
    I never had crazy side effects on birth control, besides a lower sex drive. Now that I’m off the Pill, I realize just how much it affected my cycles. It’s taken a long time to get back to “normal”- and I wouldn’t have known that I was that affected if I wasn’t charting! It’s empowering to learn more about my body!

  3. Angela, did you learn from a certified instructor who walked with you through your charting process? Billings specifically is designed for use through irregular cycles. There is not a set box of fertility symptoms that your body must fit into, but rather we look at your unique symptoms to determine your pattern of fertility or infertility. I am sorry you have had a bad experience. Follow ups with a certified teacher are an excellent resource for navigating tricky charts. If you did receive personal instruction and that teacher was not able to help you correctly identify times of infertility, they should have turned to more experienced teachers for help.

  4. Haha! I come from a long line of Cayholics too. My aunt only wanted one child. She used this method and now has 8 children. In fact, no one I’ve ever met that has used this method has used it successfully. If you want to prevent pregnancy ‘naturally’, you need to keep your vagina to yourself.

  5. Thanks for sharing this information! I have used the Fertility Awareness Method successfully to both avoid and achieve pregnancy, and love knowing that there are accurate and reliable non-hormonal methods available. I am currently pregnant with our first baby, and FAM helped me to know how to balance my hormones to achieve pregnancy quickly. I’m excited to learn more about the Creighton method, for use during breastfeeding and before we try for baby #2. I really wish more doctors were knowledgeable about these methods, so that they can advise their patients appropriately when they are having trouble achieving pregnancy. I have a short luteal phase, and need supplementation with progesterone. Awareness of my fertility cycle through these methods is crucial for me to have a baby. I am not religious, just someone who likes to work in harmony with my body. Thank you for making people aware that there are options for those who can’t tolerate hormones or want a more natural way.

  6. Have you galled the Pope Paul Vi Institute Directly? They ate kind and could put you in touch with someone who is trained in NaPro Technology.

    Also, the point of Creighton is that it was designed fir those with “irregular ” ovulation cycles. (I use quotes because Jo one really ovulates perfectly regularly) . What you describe is the rhythm method which doesn’t work well for either prevention or achievement.

    The Creighton model takes into account stress times and illness which can change your cycle. It is based on the type of cervical mucus your body produces. Mine was quite obvious. Others have to check more closely. But if it is clear, stretchy and slippery you can pretty much bet you would get pregnant. Or, as the Paul VI Institute would do if the mucus doesn’t work, is help you figure out your issue. and 402-390-9167. God bless you in your struggle. I persobally know how it is to want a child.

  7. I’m Catholic so I’ve had a lot of guilt over birth control. I’ve needed help each time to get pregnant with my two sons, but the Billings or Creighton method do not work for ladies who do not ovulate or ovulate irregularly. Though they both say there are ways around this hurdle, in my experience after years of trying NFP, it just didn’t work! Although my situation was trying to get pregnant.

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