Creative Announcements | It’s a …

Awhile back I shared some creative announcements for announcing pregnancy and it got my wheels turning on what happens next … the exciting GENDER REVEAL!

With my first pregnancy, my husband and I opted to wait and find out our baby’s gender at birth. I totally recommend this and absolutely loved the surprise. Plus, it helped us purchase the big baby items – stroller, crib, deluxe diaper bag – in gender neutral colors and styles … a definite money saver when our second arrived. For a number of reasons, with our second, we found out the gender at our 20 week ultrasound and hosted a gender reveal party to share the news with our family and friends. Our photos weren’t as glamorous as these, but the excitement was just as real.

Take a peek at these fun gender reveals and please share links to your own creative announcements!

Balloons in a box are a darling idea that the whole family can be involved in! Or, just a big sibling 🙂 Or, what about a Balloon sequence shot … so simple and yet such a great announcement! I love this sequence ice cream shoot too!


Food is another fun way to announce your little one’s gender. Simply color in the “HE’ or “SHE” of Hershey’s bars as a party favors or have a local bakery whip up a fancy inside to your party’s dessert. Jones Soda holds a special place in my heart (ever since my daughter was pictured on the Zilch Black Cherry flavor) and I think these bottles would be such a tasty announcement!

man or lady

Our gender reveal party invitations weren’t even close to being this cute … I adore the “little man” and “little lady” theme.

movie poster

How perfect would these enhanced photos be to pop in the mail if your family and friends aren’t close by?

scratch off

For baby #3 (when and if they join or family), I’m pretty sure I’m going to go the scratch off route … I love them!

So, spill the beans! How did you announce your baby’s gender?