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DIY Father’s Day Gifts

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Sure, you can buy a gift for the dad (s) in your life – but why buy when you can DIY Father’s Day Gifts?

Just to disclose where I’m coming from – I love to DIY but I’m not all that handy, so I’m on the ‘beginner’ side when it comes to this. I tried to choose tutorials that weren’t too intimidating on my level.

So here’s six DIY tutorials that would make great Father’s Day gifts!

Beer Bottle Drinking Glass – from The Art of Manliness

beer bottle glass

Practical – who doesn’t need new drinking glasses? – and super cool, these DIY beer bottle glasses are actually pretty easy to make. You can even customize the glasses to the dad’s favorite beer. Bonus – someone has to drink the beer before you start … !

Animal Wine Stopper – from Brit + Co 

animal stopper

Does your guy love wine? I think these slightly quirky wine stoppers are adorable – and can be customized with whatever figure you think he’d like. My husband? Bears, for sure.

Swiss Army Key Ring – from Instructables

swiss army key ring

This tutorial is a bit more involved than the wine stopper above, but still seems do-able. Don’t tell my husband, but I may be attempting this DIY for him this year!

Comic Book Coasters – from Mod Podge Rocks!

diy comic book coasters

This DIY screams retro – cool. If the dad in your life happens to love comics, this is an easy project that they’re sure to love. (And if comics aren’t their thing, but maybe another magazine of their choice is, well … catch my drift?)

Homemade Beef Jerky – from The Art of Manliness

beef jerky

This beef jerky tutorial / recipe is made in an oven, not a dehydrator, so anyone can make this easily at home. This looks delicious – you might want to double the recipe so you can keep some for yourself!

Decorated Golf Balls – from Laughing Kids Learn

golf balls

If there’s a dad in your life that loves to golf, these customized golf balls might be a great option as an easy gift. Let your child go to town coloring all over a bunch of balls – they will have as much making these as they will gifting them!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.