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Doona Infant Car Seat and Stroller Review

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Last fall we introduced you to the product that could change your infant car seat carrying days – the Doona Infant Car Seat. This innovative seat converts from infant car seat to lightweight travel system with integrated wheels. Performing as a standard infant car seat in the vehicle, you can remove it from the car, pop out the wheels and you are on your way. Doona is calling it a new kind of baby mobility system.


Yep, this car seat has wheels built into the car seat that eliminates the need for a stroller frame to take it on the go.

doona car seat

The Doona Infant Car Seat accommodates babies from 4 to 35 lbs (or 32″ long). It is definitely not the lightest on the market weighing in at 15lbs, but with the integrated wheels, you won’t be carrying it very much. You’ll be wheeling this seat, making it especially handy for travel because it is FAA certified.

No need to worry about gate checking the stroller because this car seat and stroller in one will be able to go right on board with you. Fold the wheels away and install the infant car seat on the airplane seat. Easy-peasy!

Doona Car Seat

The Doona has an SPF 50 canopy and materials that are free of any hazardous chemicals.

The car seat features a removable infant insert and head rest. They are both separate pieces so that you can remove the infant insert while leaving the headrest in place. The headrest and the back of the seat contain memory foam, not only for comfort, but also because it is a denser material that pushes back with impact and performs better in safety tests, which results in better test results.


There are many safety features on the Doona.

Doona’s unique double wall structure, which enables the folding of its wheels into the Doona body, deliver an additional significant safety benefit. The two layers of durable, impact-absorbing plastic, along with additional layers of EPS, foam and textiles provide enhanced side- impact protection which better protects the baby in case of an accident.

Unlike typical car seats, the handle bar acts as an anti-rebound bar when positioned and installed correctly against the back of the vehicle seat of the car. In the event of a crash, this anti-rebound handle will absorb the impact and prevent the car seat from rotating quickly towards the back of the seat, thus dramatically reducing rebound injuries.

Doona moved the belt path to the handle to make sure the handle is in the correct position (when installed with a vehicle seat belt) to act as the anti-rebound bar. While that won’t help remind parents when the base is used, it will definitely help.


The Doona Infant Car Seat can be installed in your vehicle with or without the included base. With the base, you can install it with the vehicle seat belt or with LATCH. I found it to be very easy to install either way. Just remember that the handle bar should be placed in the correct position whether you are using the base or not.

Doona Car Seat

The base features:

  • Height adjustment foot with an easy-to-read level indicator to get the correct seat angle
  • Integral belt locking clips
  • Doona Installation Indicator confirms that the seat is safely locked in position.
Doona Car Seat


With the lift of a lever, this infant car seat pops out its integrated wheels to turn it into a stroller. We were pleasantly surprised that the maneuverability was excellent and is truly a one-handed push. The Doona basically glides along with very little effort.

The handlebar on the Doona has two positions – one for when it is in the car seat use and then it telescopes out to 39″ from ground to handle for use as a stroller.

Doona Car Seat


Overall, we think the Doona is a game changer when it comes to lightweight travel systems. No need for a separate stroller frame to take the Doona on-the-go. With all this innovation comes a price. The Doona retails for $499 which is definitely an investment. If you are looking for an alternative to a bulky travel system and like the fact that you don’t have to lug around an infant car seat on the crook of your elbow, you will definitely want to check out the Doona Infant Car Seat.

Don’t forget to watch our Baby Gizmo video of the Doona above.

SHOP the Doona Infant Car Seat HERE

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Jason Cosme

Tuesday 15th of August 2017

This is a brilliant idea! I need to have it now.

Julie Sutherland

Saturday 18th of June 2016

Thanks for the review of the Doona. Love the transforming concept. Really helpful to see the conversion in action in the video.


Tuesday 28th of July 2015

Love need it!


Monday 27th of July 2015

wow - the doona looks like a true lifesaver. i love the simplicity of taking it in and out of the car. a larger canopy would be a great upgrade.


Monday 27th of July 2015

This is such a great concept. I love the idea of combining the stroller and the car seat.

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