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10 Tips on Flying While Pregnant

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I just entered my third trimester of pregnancy and I’ve already flown a handful of times. I’ve also got two more flights planned before baby is set to arrive. With wedding season here, family vacations, and lots of trips planned, flights are a must for us right now. Although it can be a little uncomfortable and require some extra planning, I’m here today to share some tips with you on how to make flying while pregnant a little easier!


1. Talk to your doctor or midwife. It can be perfectly safe to fly during your pregnancy up until 36 weeks, but always discuss travel plans with your doctor. For certain high risk cases, your healthcare provider may advise you to stay close to home throughout your pregnancy. Make sure you’re flying before those 36 weeks, too!

2. Stay hydrated. An airplane’s recirculated cabin air can make you feel dehydrated so make sure you bring and drink extra water while on board.

3. Stretch out and choose your seat wisely. Talk to the airline staff before you board to see if you can get a seat near the very front or back of the plane so you’ll be near the bathroom (you just drank all that water I told you to). Another smart seat option is asking for bunk right up front so you can stretch out and have extra leg room.

4. Book wisely. If you can, try to avoid taking red eye flights and instead travel during the day at a time you’re most comfortable. Sleeping on a plane can prove to be extremely difficult.

5. Bring food. That little bag of peanuts is not going to cut it. Bring some fresh fruit, granola bars, or a sandwich. Something that can easily be transported to the plane and something that is filling, nourishing, and healthy. Once you’re up in the air the last thing you want is to be starving!

6. Pack comfort items. Bring a neck pillow or something to support your back if you need it. Sometimes planes have small pillows on board so if you forget yours, ask a flight attendant.

7. Talk to the flight attendants. Make the flight attendants aware that you are pregnant. In my experience, they are always a great help in giving you extra help and attention, and making sure you’re comfortable.

8. Bring your medical records. Make a copy of your prenatal medical records and tuck them in your carry on bag.

9. Wear loose, comfortable clothing. The change in altitude may cause swelling and make you feel uncomfortable. Wear loose shoes that you can easily remove if your feet begin to swell.

10. Move around. Try to get up and move around the aisles if you can, in order to stretch out and avoid cramps!

What other tips would you add for flying while pregnant?


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.