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10 Pregnancy Side Effects No One Likes To Talk About

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Pregnancy isn’t always so glamorous. It’s not always the perfect picture they paint in the movies, in fact, sometimes some parts of pregnancy are just downright gross. We all know the really common pregnancy symptoms but chances are there might be some side effects you haven’t heard of simply because no one talks about them! Here are eight pregnancy side effects that you might discover all on your own. Read ahead with caution. And congrats! 😉

third trimester

1. Hair growth. While you probably and hopefully won’t be growing a beard while pregnant, hair growth in general is a real pregnancy symptom. Your raging hormones can cause hair to grow at a super fast speed and maybe even in some new and embarrassing places.

2. Heartburn. Why don’t they show pregnant women clutching at their chests in movies? Not attractive? Maybe not, but it’s very real!

3. Grooming may never happen again. Okay, okay, it’ll happen again, but maybe not for awhile. With your belly growing by the minute, there will be a time where shaving your legs becomes a real struggle, and forget trying to see what’s going on “down there.”

4. Discharge. There will be discharge. And lots of it. Gross, I know. But it’s the truth. Your body is making way more estrogen now and causing blood to flow down there which means excess discharge is bound to happen.

5.Constipation. This one plagues many mamas to be. The flow of hormones can make your digestive system slow down and turn pooping into a real rough process.

6. Hemorrhoids. You can thank your old friend constipation for this one. Baby is pushing down on everything. Enough said.

7. All day sickness. It might not be just morning sickness. The truth is that it can be anytime of the day or even all day.

8. Itching. You might be just downright itchy all over. Itchy back. Itchy tummy. Itchy boobs.

9. Leg cramps. Hands up how many of you have woken up in the night to that downright awful painful cramp in your leg? It’s sharp and then it aches for ages! Some say it’s lack of calcium, some say magnesium, I say- make it stop!

10. Leakage. Yes, you may pee your pants a little. Isn’t pregnancy sexy?

Alright, now it’s your turn! Add to our list and share some of the little known or not so fun pregnancy side effects you experienced or know of that nobody tells you about! 


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