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Why Five is the Best Age Ever

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My littlest guy is five years old, and although he would be quick to correct me that he is 5 AND A HALF, I think he is at the best age ever.

5 years old

He is my 3rd so I’ve run through the gamut with all ages up to ten years old so I have a little experience with which ages are good and which are a little more…shall we say, challenging. Hello, 9 years old!

As I was dropping off my daughter at tennis practice this week, my 5 year old was along for the ride as usual because this kid actually wants to hang out with me. He volunteers for the 50 minute round trip car ride a few days a week just to “Go with mama!” I looked back at him in the back seat strapped in his car seat and realized he is at the best age ever!

Now, I have to say that I LOVE the baby stage, I do. I’m actually one of those people that even with all the crying, diapers and work of a newborn, I still love that tiny, little baby stage. The cuddles, the fat baby feet, thigh rolls, giggles, and milestones of a baby are priceless but age 5 is pretty darn awesome too. Dare I say maybe even better? I’m still on the fence with that but I do know that a 5 year old is pretty much at the top for the best age of a child.

If you don’t have a 5 year old yet, let me just tell you 

10 reasons why you want your child to stay 5 forever because 5 is the BEST AGE EVER!

1. My son still thinks the sun rises and shines on me. He loves his mama more than anything (and yes, I am going to say more than dad!) I’m kidding. Kind of

2. No. More. Diapers. Need I say more?

3. Conversations. You can actually have a real conversation with a 5 year old unlike a baby that can’t really talk back and a 9 year old who will definitely talk back. And not the good kind.

4. Negotiate and understand. You can negotiate and reason with a 5 year old. By the age of 5, kids have matured enough that you can actually negotiate, reason and explain things to them and have them understand. Ever try to do that with a 2 year old? Yeah, doesn’t work well.

5. Snuggles. My 5 year old still likes to sit and snuggle with me. As a matter of fact, he still crawls in my bed at night because he needs his mama. How do you say no to that? Judge away, but I don’t.

6. They don’t care what their friends think. My son still runs off the bus every day to me yelling “Mommy!” and holds my hand, hugs and kisses me in public no matter where we are. He doesn’t care if his friends are around. My 8 year old? Not so much.

7. They are so happy. I remember the wonderful 2 year old tantrums over the sandwich cut the wrong way or the banana that was peeled too far down. My 5 year old is just happy about everything. He is at that age that the world is still a wonderful place and everyone and everything is good. It is refreshing to be that innocent.

8.He needs me. Not just for everyday things like food and shelter but he genuinely needs his mom around…just to be by his side. Who doesn’t love to feel needed?

9. He is hilarious. There is something so carefree about the goofiness and comedy of a 5 year old. They don’t care about who’s watching. They are just funny because they don’t care what people think. (see #6) To see this in action, just watch this video and make sure you watch until the end.

10. He’s still my baby. While my son is definitely a big boy now, there are still signs of baby that I could just eat up. He has all his perfect baby teeth, little hands and that innocent voice that tells me that he is still closer to being a baby than he is to going to college.

I want to freeze my son at this age. I don’t want him to turn 6 or 7 or 8 because, while they are all great ages, I just want him to stay five. Maybe it is the fact that he is my youngest, but I want to still enjoy all these things that I love about this age. In July when he turns 6 and I know he is headed to 1st grade, don’t mind me as I’m crying my eyes out that he is just getting too big too fast.

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Rachel R

Wednesday 8th of April 2015

I only have experience with kids up to four years old. I can say the only age I'm not too fond of is three. I feel bad saying that because obviously I LOVE my three year old. When my oldest was three I assumed all of the drama was because she is a girl. Was I ever wrong - I think boys are worse than girls at three!


Wednesday 8th of April 2015

My fave age is 2!

Kerri Tyson

Wednesday 8th of April 2015

i can see how 5 is going to be great! I have a 4 1/2 year old and I'm almost where you are at with him. My little guy that is 2 is completely different though and I think 2 years is the best so far with him.

Emily Costello

Wednesday 8th of April 2015

Two. They can really start conversing at 2.

Amy Taylor

Wednesday 8th of April 2015

I have only been a mom for 11 months but each new age/milestone has been my favorite. It is so fun (and a bit sad) to see her growing into her own little person!

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