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  1. I only have experience with kids up to four years old. I can say the only age I’m not too fond of is three. I feel bad saying that because obviously I LOVE my three year old. When my oldest was three I assumed all of the drama was because she is a girl. Was I ever wrong – I think boys are worse than girls at three!

  2. i can see how 5 is going to be great! I have a 4 1/2 year old and I’m almost where you are at with him. My little guy that is 2 is completely different though and I think 2 years is the best so far with him.

  3. I have only been a mom for 11 months but each new age/milestone has been my favorite. It is so fun (and a bit sad) to see her growing into her own little person!

  4. We have 6 children ranging in age from 15 years to 5 months. I don’t think I have a favorite as each age comes with it’s own exciting milestones.

  5. theres something awesome about every age but 5 is SO fun. the development of a true sense of humor is so much fun to watch!

  6. I just have a wee little one. But, I look forward to when he is four! That is the cutest age to me! Kids say the cutest things at that age and have such a zest for life.

  7. I think five is much more fun as a parent than it was as a sibling….. I was not looking forward to the age after having my children because I was a teenager when my youngest sibling was five and it was a bit of a nightmare.

  8. My favorite age with my daughter has been four. She was so silly, but still had more independence to do things on her own. She was out of the terrible 2-3 and wasn’t at that age yet where she really knew how to push buttons.

  9. What a great post. Seriously sweet. You are a wonderful mama!
    I have 3 kids. 5. 3. and 3 months. I love the 3 stage. 😀

  10. I haven’t been a mommy very long so it’s hard to say what age I perfer most. They’re great at every stage 😉

  11. My oldest is almost 3 1/2. I’ve loved every age, but I think it was most fun to watch about 9-15 months, when he had an explosion of skill development: crawling, walking, talking, feeding himself.

  12. I have a 5 year old daughter ( almost 6) and some things are the same in ur case , some not , she does care what other kids think and she hates that I still consider her my baby! Makes me a little sad , but I do love that you can reason with them ( to a point ) at this age!

  13. My oldest will be 20 this year, so I’ve dealt with all ages. I swear every one is my favorite! I do love the age my son is at right now, he’s almost 4. And it’s for many of the same reasons, he still loves me and I can have conversations with him. I also love my youngest’s age, she’s almost 2. It’s fun to watch her learn so much all the time, and hear her learning to speak.

  14. My daughter is only 19 months old but I’m enjoying the toddler years a lot more than the newborn days, much more fun!

  15. I love to watch the fast changes of nb-1yr. It is so fun to see then learn new things everyday!

  16. My daughter is only 1.5yrs old and I feel like every phase that we go through is my favorite. I do miss the little squishy baby phase, but am loving this phase now too bc everything is new and exciting.

  17. I am the Mother of four ranging from ages 22 to 2. Each child has a differing “best” age, depending on their demeanor but definitely 5 is one of the better ages, for all the reasons listed above. One is a pretty fun age too.

  18. I love them at the age of 1 they are learning so much and I love to watch them during that stage explore everything for the first time!

  19. I think they’re all fun, but five is a great age. My grandson is almost two, and I love watching him learn new things. You can see on his face how great he thinks the world is with each new discovery. But I’m looking forward to a more focused attention span and a little more patience and understanding for the world with the older ages. Until then, I’m enjoying every day and every new learning experience with him. =)

  20. I am very happy with the age my daughter is now almost 3 as of July 3rd. She is snuggly she talks a lot she loves to run and play she is more independent she is eating what we eat she climbs up and puts herself in her carseat I just have to double check the straps she picks up her toys she is very polite its a great age.

  21. One of my daughters is turning 5 next week – I am already enjoying most of the things above mentioned. 😉 I still get the toddler dose with my just turned 3 year-old and my baby stuff with my 11 months cutie!!!

  22. I love 6 months!!!! They can sit up are happy to play by themselves but do not move any where yet.

  23. I am loving 5 as well. She’s mastered Kindergarten, taken reading by storm and has such grown up ideas and conversations with me. I’m fearing when she turns 6 next month. I just want to keep her little forever.

  24. My oldest just turned 4 but it seems like 5 is similar, they are still so loveable and understanding. My 4 year old is so compassionate and caring towards her 2 year old sister.

  25. I only have up to 3 to compare and so far approaching 3 is the best – cuddles and love for Mom all the time!

  26. I love babies when they turn (a little independent but still a baby) but I do agree that 5/6 is a great age as well!

  27. my favorite age i cant really pick just one age because each age i have gone thru is a joy there is something with each age that is just amazing

  28. I guess there are pluses and minuses with every age. My first is 2 now, and while she is the light of my life, I could live without all the frustration and drama that comes with the “terrible 2s”! 5 sounds delightful! 🙂

  29. My daughter just recently turned 2. It has been a difficult age, but by far my favorite. It’s amazing to see her grow and learn.

  30. I have 6 kids and i love all the ages , i love all the stages of them growing and all the personalities they each have , the age are 22, 16,14,9,7,and 3 and a 20 month old grand daughter ,

  31. Reading this really made me look forward to my daughter turning 5! Although, she just turned one in March! I have a long ways to go! Thus far, my favorite age has to be right about 6 months! Crazy, i know.. But thats when i noticed my daughter really learning all of these new things, growing all of those teeth! Its all honestly such an amazing experience so its very hard to choose! Definitely looking forward to these greater times though. Thanks, Hollie!! Definitely a great read.

  32. I’m so not looking forward to my oldest turning 5 next year! Don’t want my babies to grow up so fast! lol!

  33. hmm I’m going to agree with 5, but I like a lot of things about 2 (so cute!) and 4 is similar to 5 but not as great. Also, i like 6 7 and 8 so far. Just anything is better than 3.

  34. I like the roughly 2.5 age. Just watching the growing vocabulary and knowledge of the world is amazing.

  35. My Little Bit is only 10 months, I’m loving this exploring everything and old enough to look around, see and be interested. However, I LOVED teaching preschool with the 4-5 year olds. That’s my favorite age group to work with. 😉

  36. I enjoy every age. I think every age has its own special and unique stage that make it so exciting, fun, and memorable to the parents.

  37. So far I like 2. For me there wasn’t such thing as ‘terrible twos’. My son is almost 5 now and at that age he just did everything I told him to without questioning or talking back

  38. My wife and I were recently talking about this. 18 months and 4 years have been my favorites. At 18 months, everything they say and do is so adorable, I love tantrums; all I can do is laugh. At 4 years, they have a better understand and they can actually respect authority. 5-8 have been the most boring.

  39. I have 4 young kids and its a tie I love love my 2 year old and my 5 year old. For all the reasons you shared and to elaborate at dinner 2yo decides not to try ANYTHING on her plate …. 5yo see it and volunteers ” hey Olivia will you what it if I feed you” hilarity and dinner commence as we watch them work out the logistics with success – baby feels pride she made Her sister laugh ( loves being a part of the action) and 5yo is testing her leadership capabilities.
    At 5 she asks the best questions and can answer with the best reasons

  40. I have a 7.5, almost 6, 4.5, almost 3 and 1.5 year old. Can’t get enough of the newborn baby stage .. guess that’s why baby #6 is due in Aug 😉

  41. I love age 2, they are learning how to talk really well and how things work. It’s just amazing to watch them learn and grow.

  42. My one and only daughter (so far) is just 2 years 3 months old and she is…shall we say…full of sass and smarts with tiny bits of sweet thrown in for good measure. She is beyond smart, already fully potty trained, and has a vocabulary that sometimes leaves me wondering “did she really just say that?!” As difficult as some days are because of the very fun (not!) power struggles, I must admit that I really do love this age. She can tell me what she wants, she can respond to simple questions, she has a wild imagination, we can take her anywhere without a diaper bag now…. it’s just so easy! Although I would really love to be without a total meltdown almost once per day, I still wouldn’t trade it for the world! 🙂

  43. My older one is 5.5 but…not loving this age right now! So much back talk. I think I’ll take 4. Or 15 months. 🙂

  44. I currently have a two year old, and enjoy watching his personality develop, however my fav stage is newborn and cant wait to have my second this summer x

  45. I LOVE all ages but my fav is the newborn stages. They are so small and depend on you for pretty much everything!

  46. 1.5 yrs, when they finally start to have their little voices and express themselves. Its so amazing and something you wait for so long. It just melts your heart.

  47. I think 2 is the best age bc they are just finding new things and everything is exciting to them oh and do I need to say that everything is kisses mommy. . I would say 2 Is by far the best age

  48. My favorite age was when they were about three and asking so many questions. They wanted to learn about everything. My kids did not ask why, they asked HOW? How does the car go? How does the tree grow? How does the plane fly? They absorbed so much. They were becoming their own little characters and it was such an amazing time. Just a sneak peak of what was to be.

  49. My twins are 4 and 8 months, and I love this age, they are so cute and say the funniest things, i don’t want them to grow too fast..

  50. I have a 3 year old and a 2 year old. I love both of their ages. They love to talk and be silly and have so much fun together.

  51. My oldest just turned 3, so I’m limited to 3 and under. I’d say that I loved age 2. His language exploded, and I was just amazed and fascinated at how much he learned and expressed during his 3rd year of life!

  52. Yeah, as a mom of a 6 and 2 year old, I definitely do not feel the same way. While my 6 year old pretty much does the things above (snuggles, doesn’t care what friends think) the ‘tude is more present than ever. Plus, they leave for kindergarten and learn bad stuff and are grumpier because of the new, hard schedule they have.
    I think he’s your baby and that’s why it’s the best. 🙂
    Just like my 2 year old is the best!
    But my favorite age is 5 months. They start smiling and laughing and interacting but they still can’t roll so you can leave them in a spot and use the bathroom in peace. 🙂

  53. I really love the newborn stage! They stay where you put them, and if they’re unhappy usually all it takes is popping your boob in their mouth and they calm right down! But then again, I’m really in love with the 21-month stage right now…I have SO much fun with my daughter and she’s obsessed with me and says I’m her best friend! Ask me in a year and I’m sure my answer will change 😉

  54. My daughter is 17 months, so I can’t really judge if 5 is the best age, but I love the stage she is in now! She is learning to talk and is the goofiest little girl! She chatters all the time and watching her discover new things is the best! I look forward to many more years of watching her grow and learn!

  55. I really love the snuggly newborn phase, when they don’t put up a fuss or throw tantrums, and they’re so warm and cuddly.

  56. I love every age and stage but have to say 2 is fun! I love that he can hold a conversation most times and the way their little minds work 🙂

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