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Fun And Creative Date Night Ideas

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Sometimes date nights are non existent. You can’t find a sitter, one spouse gets home from work too late, you’re tired, you have errands to do, things just get in the way. In the past year my family and I have been living out of town for my husband’s work, so date nights were especially non-existent for us because we didn’t know anyone in our area who could watch our son. I am pleased that we have just relocated back to where my family and all of our friends live. Now we have people begging to watch our two year old and I can finally organize some creative date night ideas for the two of us. I’m sure there are other couples like us out there who are in need of a fun date night! Don’t worry, Baby Gizmo has got you covered.

  1. Have a picnic. Pack a picnic dinner at home or if money allows, order take out from your favorite restaurant and bring it to your favorite park, complete with a blanket and enjoy a nice dinner outside with nature!
  2. Go see a dollar movie. Or two. There are scads of dollar movie theaters near us and we love going! We don’t get to see near as many movies as we’d like so this gives us a chance to see the movies we missed in the theater for dirt cheap. $4 and you can both pick a movie to watch!
  3. Have a creative night in. Pick up some Redbox movies, get a bottle of wine, and have a nice, leisurely night indoors. Just the two of you.
  4. Go out for dessert. Eating out can be so expensive, why not go out to a fancy restaurant and just order your favorite dessert?
  5. See a drive in movie. Yes, they still exist, you may just have to hunt for them. Movies start when the sun goes down and you always get a double feature! Bring your favorite candy bars and some blankets and pillows. I love this idea.
  6. Learn to dance. Have you always wanted to know how to Tango or Salsa? Sign up for a couples dance lesson and dance the night away.
  7. Go on a hike. Spend the afternoon hiking your favorite spot or discovering a trail you’ve always wanted to.
  8. See an improv or comedy show. If you’re into comedy, nothing is better than watching it live on stage. You may just discover the next Tina Fey.
  9. Take a brewery tour. You’ll learn something plus you’re likely to get tokens for free beer after.
  10. Wander the bookstore. My husband and I love to go to bookstores. We look for new books we want to read and then we hit the magazine section and grab a handful of them before finding a comfortable spot to sit in for the next couple hours.
  11. Take a work out class together. Any fitness gurus here? Sign up to do a spin or Pilates class with your other half. Challenge each other.
  12. Go wine tasting. Check out any local wine cellars and spend the day wine tasting. Make sure you have a designated driver!
  13. Carnival time. Is there a local fair or carnival in town? Get a bunch of tickets, ride the rides, eat the food, and have your other half win you the biggest stuffed animal they have.
  14. Take a cooking class. Many stores like Sur La Table offer cooking classes to whoever wants to join. Learn how to make something new together and have fun while doing it.
  15. Check out a museum. Go to your favorite museum or try a new one you haven’t had the chance to visit yet. Learn something new and explore together.
  16. Garden. Spend time at a nursery together choosing what you’d like to plant and then garden together. Not only are you spending time with your significant other, you’re planting something gorgeous that will beautify your surroundings.
  17. Board game night. Challenge your man to Dominos, Go Fish, Scrabble, and any other games your heart desires.
  18. Catch a game. Sports fan? Get tickets to see your favorite baseball, football, or basketball game front and center with your main squeeze.
  19. Camping at home. Set up a tent in your backyard, order take out, build a fire (if you have a fire pit or something similar) and make s’mores. Kind of like camping in the great outdoors only cleaner!
  20. Video games. A fun and free date. Spend the night challenging each other to your favorite Wii games.

What do you like to do for date nights? Leave us a comment and add to the list.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.