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Fun DIY Party Favors

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If you’re planning a party, then today is your day- I’ve rounded up 10 great party favors from Pinterest that are sure to be a hit with your party guests! Party favors are a sweet and thoughtful way of thanking your guests for coming to the party, and they are also a great excuse to get creative and try some neat DIY projects! Lots of these ideas would even allow you to get your kids involved with helping you. Take a look!

ice cream cone candy
Photo Source: Now You Can Pin It

Ice Cream Cone Candy. I love this idea for an ice cream cone filled with candy from Now You Can Pin It. What kid doesn’t want to take more goodies home with them after the party? Especially ones that are so cutely wrapped up to look like an ice cream cone. This would be so cute to do if you were having an ice cream social party or something similar!

candy kabobs
Photo Source: Mom Endeavors

Candy Kabobs. This idea for candy kabobs from Mom Endeavors is so clever! Of course I’ve seen chicken, vegetables, and many other things on kabobs, but never candy before.  They are gorgeous, colorful, and can be changed to exactly your child’s favorites!

nuts and bolts
Photo Source: Fuzz Food

Nuts And Bolts. This idea would be perfect for a robot or construction party. The “nuts and bolts” are just a fun mix of trail mix and will be a tasty treat for all your guests! Fuzz Food even put a fun label on the top.

Photo Source: The Little Details Inc

S’mores. I don’t care if you’re five or fifty, everyone loves s’mores! This genius idea from The Little Details Inc let’s guests take all the ingredients needed for s’mores home with them. They are packaged beautifully too!

candy corn jars
Photo Source: We Do Fun Here

Candy Corn Popcorn Jars. Have a Halloween party coming up? Do any of your kids have October birthdays? This idea from We Do Fun Here is creative, tasty, and fun! All you have to do is layer three different colors of popcorn in a jar to make these sweet party favors look just like candy corn!

Photo Source: Beach Bum And Baby
Photo Source: Beach Bum And Baby

Beach Buckets. The perfect party favor for a beach themed party or summer birthday from Beach Bum And Baby. I love that you can fill these with anything you’d like and that once the candy is gone, the kids can still use the containers for fun in the sun!

Photo Source: Design Dazzle
Photo Source: Design Dazzle

Milk And Cookies. While the idea behind milk and cookie party favors may seem simple, this idea from Design Dazzle really puts a spin on the classic idea. Milk and cookies never looked so cute and classy, and your little guests will be sure to gobble and drink these up!

Photo Source: I Village

Crayons With A Twist. If you don’t want to send your party guests home with more sugar after they’ve had all the cake they could possibly eat, try out this idea from I Village. Send all of the budding little artists home with crayons and a notebook to save all of their masterpieces in!

Photo Source: Big Dot Of Happiness

Play Dough. This sweet idea from Big Dot Of Happiness is perfect for a boy or girls party, any theme, any time of year! Tie the tops of the play dough jars with a ribbon and attach a cute little thank you note! Your guests will love this idea and it won’t take you very long to assemble!

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Charlene Devance

Thursday 6th of November 2014

Great tutorial! Love the diy favors. So fun!…my kids would love it : ) Thanks!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.