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  1. This is a wonderful checklist to follow, esp for first time moms like me who are flying with the baby for the first time. I am travelling tomorrow with my 10 months old baby boy. And this list is of really a great help to ease my packing. Thanks a ton!

  2. I always pack a change of clothes & underwear, contact solution, medication, etc. in my carry-on in case the checked luggage gets lost. That way at least you have a clean change of clothes and your other necessities until you can get your bags back.

  3. Anything liquid that has to do with a baby/toddler is allowed. This includes medications, milk/formula, and snacks. We got away with a couple things of yogurt once b/c we said it was a snack for our, then, 7 month old. Just put it in a different zip-lock/bag so that it is easy for them to separate for their security checks.
    On a different trip with out daughter, when she was about 16 months, we put a lot of her toys and a few snacks in her little backpack (making sure it wasn’t too heavy) and she carried it. 1.) it was fun for her and 2.) it made the security people smile (which is a feat in itself).

  4. You need snacks, formula/breast, wipe and diapers, toys, one changing outfit for baby, ziplock bags for goodness knows what. That is it. Don’t overpack because that causes exhaustion on all ends (packing, lugging, and unpacking)

  5. Overall, this is a great list. I would add:

    Crayola makes a triangular toddler crayon – they won’t roll off the tray table!

    A roll of blue painters tape – it takes up little room, and does MANY things (stick down a piece of paper to the tray table, make car “tracks” or “stickers”, double-close a zip-top bag..the list is endless)

    Pack “bundles” in zip-top bags. One for diaper changes, one for toys/distractions, one of food. It makes finding things in your bag much simpler – and you have extra bags if you need them.

    A change of clothes/shirt for YOU. Sometimes those blow-outs effect more than the baby! Plus, if you luggage is lost, you at least have a clean shirt….

  6. Actually you are allowed liquid medications and they can be over the regs as they are considered medications which is different. I usually bag all my medications in a totally separate zip lock bag to my liquids!

  7. Be careful with the medications if you do not want them to be thrown away . Liquid (Gas drops ) would not be allowed …Nor would Tylenol in liquid form !

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