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Graco Tablefit High Chair Review

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With my first born, I never really got a high chair that worked well for us, so I was determined to find the perfect highchair the second time around. When I found out I was having twins, I was twice as determined to find the best one to fit all my needs, and I did just that with the Graco Tablefit Highchair.

Graco Tablefit Highchair Review

The Graco Tablefit Highchair has been a life saver with my twins. The adjustable recline has allowed me to put my babies in their highchairs from very early on, and they’ll continue to use it up through 40 pounds. Having twins means spending double the money on double the products, so that kind of longevity is priceless.

Graco Tablefit High Chair

The adjustable height makes it easy for me reach them during bottle feedings and when spoon feeding them, now that they are switching to solids. Giving bottles to two babies at the same time can be hard on my back, but with the Graco Tablefit Highchair’s adjustable height, I can sit at the kitchen table or on the couch in the playroom, and still have each baby at a comfortable height for me to hold their bottles without hunching over. I can also lower the highchair so big brother can “help” if he wants to hold a bottle and participate in his sisters’ meal time. Or I make them taller, keeping the girls up and out of big brother’s reach if need be, but still easily within mine.

Graco Tablefit High Chair Review

I love the small snack tray, since the twins aren’t feeding themselves yet. It is big enough for me to place a bottle or small toys within reach, but not so large that my tiny girls feel far away and swallowed up by a giant tray. My toddler has “borrowed” this highchair from one of his sisters and loved eating off the full-size tray. The cup holder was perfect for his sippy cup, and there was plenty of room for him to enjoy his pasta with wild abandon! After dinner, I just lifted out the dishwasher safe insert to clean up the (sizeable) mess. Good as new.

We’ve also used the highchair for craft projects. When we need a large work surface for arts & crafts, I can strap my son in, slide him up to the dining table, and he’s at the perfect height with plenty of surface space for my little Picasso. When craft time is finished, because he’s strapped in to a highchair, I can gather his new creation and walk around cleaning up without worrying about a sticky, painted toddler running freely, wreaking havoc around the house.

The seat cover wipes down nicely and doesn’t soak up stains, but it also soft and comfortable for my girls to sit in. The covers remove quickly and easily, so I can throw them in the wash any time. And they dry quickly, which means I can have them washed, dried, and placed back on the seat in time for the next meal.

Graco Tablefit High Chair

With a quick click, I can also easily collapse the legs and push both chairs into a closet or slide them out of the way. This is HUGE. With two babies and two of almost everything cluttering up my house, I absolutely love having the flexibility to easily and completely stash two full size highchairs.

All this and they are super cute. It’s seriously the Lexus of highchairs.

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Misty Parker

Monday 18th of June 2018

I have a serious concern with the tray my baby can remove the tray with one hand he can mash his fingers there should be a child safety latch on it cause you cant always stay with them especially if you got to go to another room should have to remove it with both hands not just one


Sunday 23rd of November 2014

Wondering if this high chair is compatible with a counter height table?


Tuesday 6th of January 2015

Wondering the same. Have you found the answer?


Thursday 16th of October 2014

Thank you for this detailed report!

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