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Shows to Binge Watch And Skip While Nursing

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After having my twins, I spent countless hours streaming television while nursing in the middle of the night. My kids would take at least an hour to feed during each breastfeeding session, which allowed me plenty of time to watch the latest and greatest that Netfix and Hulu have to offer.

shows to binge watch

Here are my 10 shows to binge watch (and 9 to skip) while nursing in the middle of the night. All of the shows listed are fabulous. Some just shouldn’t be watched while breastfeeding.

TV Shows to Binge Watch … 

1) Downton Abbey
In the dark, quiet of my bedroom, with my headphones on, nursing my newborn twins, I was absolutely transported into the lives of the Crawleys at Downton Abbey. So relaxing and serene. Perfect for the new mom to binge watch (twice).

2) Lost
I watched every episode when it was on the air. I enjoyed every episode a second time while nursing my babes. “Live Together, Die Alone.” UGH! Such a good show.

3) 30 Rock
This is just happy television. Tina Fey makes me smile. Her shenanigans at 30 Rockefeller Center are fun, light-hearted and left me with sunshine-y feelings. I’m pretty sure happy TV watching makes for happy babies.

4) Parks and Recreation
Again, like 30 Rock, Parks and Rec is just plain pleasant. Amy Poehler is the best! It’s funny and sweet. Also, Ron’s mustache.

5) Project Runway
YES.TO.THIS. If ever the glamour gods smiled on a breast-milk and spit-up covered nursing mom, it was the day 10 seasons of Project Runway were put on Hulu for our viewing pleasure. This is food for the soul, ladies. Well, maybe candy, but who cares. It’s delicious, and I gobbled up every single second of it.

6) The West Wing
This is just fabulous TV. It’s engaging and interesting. You’ll laugh, but not too loud. You’ll cry, but not too hard. Perfect for watching while remaining silent and motionless in the middle of the night, but still engaging your mind and heart.

7) Sherlock
Benedict Cumberbatch.

8) Fringe
There’s crime. There’s sci fi. There’s love. There’s mystery, drama, comedy. You’ll be intrigued, but not terrified. Most of all, you’ll be hooked.

9) Doctor Who
Fun TV if ever there was such a thing. And with the regeneration of The Doctor, you get some additional variations, which makes it even more engaging when watching it night after night, nursing away.

10) Call the Midwife
I mean. This is basically your life story! You will dive right in and connect with every woman in every episode. And watching other women give birth probably helps with your milk production? I’m guessing?


1) Dexter
What are you doing? You are nursing! In the middle of the night! You are sleep deprived and hormonal and already anxious and emotionally unstable. He is murdering people! Turn off the television. (Is what I should have said to myself…)

2) Felicity
Good TV. Bad for nursing moms. You do not need this much college-age, love-triangle emotional-roller-coaster action up in here. You will long for the days of your youth when your choices consisted of Ben or Noel, not disposable or cloth diapers. Save Kerri Russell for another time.

3) Breaking Bad
Much like Dexter, Breaking Bad is not conducive to calmly rocking and swaying and releasing the day’s tension while your newborn sweetly snuggles and suckles.

4) Walking Dead
People are being eaten and murdered and heads chopped off and brains splattered. I guarantee, you will not be able to fall back asleep quickly, and I’m pretty sure your milk will taste weird watching people kill zombies while you nurse your baby.

5) Top Chef
Girl. You are seriously hungry. All the time. Do NOT watch people make delicious food all night!

6) Twin Peaks
Nope. When you are getting up every 2 hours to feed a baby, Twin Peaks will mess you right up. There is no way you are falling asleep after watching one of those crazy dream sequences.

7) Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
He’s adorable and hilarious and everyone’s best friend. But he’s just TOO funny. I woke my husband up because I was laughing too hard at Jimmy. It wasn’t good for our marriage.

8) Parenthood
Too many feelings. Hormonal new moms approach with caution. You are already a sobbing mess because of your real life family changes. You do not need to be a sobbing mess over a television family’s transitions.

9) Call the Midwife
What?! It’s on the “Yes” list! I know, but it’s also a “No.” You just had a baby. You will bawl your eyes out. The hormones coursing through your veins will be dangerously amplified by the hormonal content of this show. Save it for a more emotionally stable season.

Anything else to add? What would you rate as perfect or perilous breastfeeding binge-watching TV in your book?

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Jami Smith

Wednesday 13th of August 2014

I watched Doctor Who, Fringe, Lost, Lie To Me and House M.D. during my late night nursing sessions. I would suggest avoiding Law and Order SVU, my hubby would watch that during my bedtime nursing sessions, and had to ban it for the first three months in my presence.

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