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  1. I have a new God Grand daughter Harleigh Rae and when she is here I am a grandmother and have potty trained a son and two daughters, also three grand daughter’s and two grandson’s, also when my other grandchildren are In town I help them. Two boys and one girl but now I have a new God grand daughter and she is ready and curious. She takes us all to potty and watches what we do, she tears off one square and gives it to us, she squats and peeks under the toilet, she is ready to learn. I told her Mom to pick me up 12 pairs of pretty panties and a pretty potty so when she is here she will start learning. I have some great old tricks and will start using them and will report back. Signed:: Grandma’s Hand

  2. my daughter just started using the potty on her own one day and it was pretty much that simple, then we moved and she’s gone back to using diapers but i’m sure she’ll work her way back to it soon

    1. She will start back like you said as soon as she is comfortable with her new surroundings, make them look as much like her old surroundings as you can. God Bless. Grandma’s Hand.

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