Super Iced Coffee


Sometimes it’s the simplest things that make life easier, right?

Well, then let me introduce the most amazing, easiest make-at-home iced coffee. I call it Super Iced Coffee. Because, well, that’s exactly what it is 🙂 Here’s a step by step in how to add a kick to your step during these warm summer days …

The night before you intend to enjoy Super Iced Coffee brew a cup of joe and pour it into an ice tray. We have a Keurig so one K-cup filled a tray, but if you have a coffee pot this is a great way to use up a leftover pot.

photo 1

The next day, pop out your coffee cubes and add to a mug.

photo 2

Pour your preferred creamer on top. I’m a good old fashioned cream girl.

photo 4

Now, brew a second cup of coffee and add your preferred sweetener so it melts well. I’m a Stevia girl.

photo 5

Super Iced Coffee is almost complete! Pour your hot coffee over your ice cube and cream coffee. Stir and enjoy!

photo 2

photo 3

Easy, right? And so much tastier than a watered down version with regular ice cubes. Just what us mamas need to start the morning strong!

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Samantha Jenkins

Oh! Yes! I normally just put my pot of leftover voffee in the fridge and put it over ice but that gets so watered down. So trying this Thank You!

anna pry

maybe i should try this instead of the bowls of ice cream i’ve been cooling off with lately


Yummm! I need to try this soon!

Amber Clark

I have to try this!!!! I think you’ve changed my life!


I can’t wait to try this! Thank you for the tip!
I have a Tassimo machine, so it will be super easy 🙂