Halloween Pregnancy Costumes

pregnancy costumes

Today we are talking all about pregnancy Halloween costume ideas. Because why shouldn’t expectant mothers be able to dress up and have some fun too? I was very newly pregnant the Halloween I was expecting my son and I wasn’t showing at all. I would have loved to have dressed up in any of these clever ideas! Take a look!

pregnant chicken
Photo Source: Pregnant Chicken


Big Belly- Pregnant Chicken. I think this role reversal is genius. Especially if you want to get your significant other involved.

the examiner
Photo Source: The Examiner


Preggo Sauce- The Examiner. It would be easy enough to make your own can of “Preggo” and this could also be a clever announcement!

Photo Source: Pinterest


Knocked Up Barbie- Pinterest. DIY costume is funny and hilarious! Get your best pink dress on, the long blonde wig, and create the box.

mommy shorts
Photo Source: Mommy Shorts


Bun In The Oven- Mommy Shorts. Here’s a twist on the old classic “a bun in the oven” and great one if you want to do a couple’s costume!

Photo Source: Babble


Magic 8 Ball- Babble. All you have to do to create this DIY costume is grab black clothing and create the Magic 8 ball logo for your belly! Clever and easy.

coolest party ideas
Photo Source: Coolest Party Ideas


Pumpkin- Coolest Party Ideas. If all else fails, and you need a last minute costume idea, paint your belly like a pumpkin and you’re good to go!

costume works
Photo Source: Costume Works


Basketball Belly- Costume Works. Recreate this look yourself by dressing up like a basketball player. Cut out the belly part of your uniform and paint your belly like a basketball!