Halloween Costumes For Baby

Halloween is fast approaching, and it’s time to start thinking of costumes! We’ve got babies on the brain, so we’ve rounded up some of the cutest Halloween costumes for your little ones!


Gnome Costume From Target- $35.99 How about this adorable little garden gnome!? This is a unisex costume and comes at a great price!

costume party

Peacock Costume From Costume Party- $38.33 A bright and colorful costume, this sweet peacock even has a little hoodie to keep their head and ears warm.


Strawberry From Carters- $27.99 Here’s a darling costume for your baby girl! She’ll be the cutest little strawberry anyone’s ever seen!


Vampire From WalMart- $15 This cute costume for your little blood sucker comes at a great price!

party city

Incredibles From Party City- $19.99 Are you a fan of the amazing Pixar film The Incredibles? Dress your baby up as the littlest and cutest Incredible or make it a whole family thing!

spirit halloween

Pumpkin From Spirit Halloween- $19.99 Who can resist a baby dressed up as a pumpkin?!

halloween costumes

Little Piggy From Halloween Costumes- $26.99 Perfect for your boy or girl, this truly is the sweetest piggy.

buy costumes

Lamb From Buy Costumes- $49.99 This little lamb costume comes with everything you need to keep your baby warm, snuggly, and so cute on Halloween. Dress big sister up like little lambs owner, Mary!


What are you going to dress your little one up as for Halloween this year? Leave us a comment and let us know!