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Super Fun Baby Shower Games for Super Fun Moms

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If you and your gal pals are like me and mine, your sense of humor is odd, yet awesome. Regular old baby shower games just won’t do. Here are some super fun baby shower games for super fun moms (and their friends):

1) Baby Bottle Chug
Fill the smallest, cheapest baby bottles you can find with 2-3 ounces of your beverage of choice. Or beer. Each guest gets a bottle, yes, with a nipple attached! On your mark, get set, GO! Whoever sucks down all the liquid in their bottle first, wins! Make it really interesting and have them keep their hands behind their backs.

2) Pregnant Twister
Strap baby bellies to the contestants and bust out the twister matt! The perfect game for a co-ed shower. Dad and his buddies will be rolling all over that twister board.

3) Bobbing for Nipples
Like bobbing for apples, but with bottle nipples instead. Get a giant bucket of water or a kiddie pool, fill it with water, dump in a variety of bottle nipples, and instruct your guests to keep their hands behind their back as they bob their head in the water and attempt to pick up the nipples with their teeth. The guest who gathers the most nipples in the allotted time, wins! Make sure you have towels and an extra shirt for your guests. This one is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

4) Pin the Sperm on the Egg
Remember your 5th birthday party, when you played pin the tail on the donkey? Well this is just like that, except there is a picture of a giant uterus on your wall instead of a giant donkey butt. And you are holding a paper sperm instead of a paper donkey tail. Otherwise, exactly the same as your 5th birthday. For sure, this one should go after Baby Bottle Chug, when everyone is a little wobbly and unsteady.

5) Babies Against Parenthood
When I came across this game, I was like, “Heck yes. I found my people.” This game is “Cards Against Humanity with a Parenting Twist.” Super sarcastic, super fun, super funny. It’s bound to have your guests rolling in the aisles and you peeing your maternity pants. (Um. Get used to that.)

Any other awesome baby shower games for awesome moms and dads?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.