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  1. My favorite room is the living room. We have a big sectional that the whole family can pile up on for movie night.

  2. I love the wood shutter blinds! I always thought they were much more expensive! Making plans to add them to the entire front of my house. I can’t wait!

  3. My favorite room is my living room because of the bow windows with window seats, great place to read or just watch the world.

  4. My favorite room is my bedroom. If I close my eyes and turn on my sound machine, it’s like being at the beach… Until the kids come in and bring me back to reality, of course!

  5. My favorite room in the house is the living room which is where everyone congregates to visit, share in the festivities or watch a movie. I love to just hang out in this room as it is so warm and comfortable.

  6. My favorite room in my house is my kitchen. This is where my family helps make dinner, and we sit at the table and have our talks at dinner time

  7. My favorite room is the basement/family room, it has a big, comfy couch and is the quietest room in the house.

  8. My favorite room would be our family room, With having 10 Children, we made our main room into our Time out for T.V, Games, Dancing, Singing and more =) Awesome Giveaway =) Thank you =)

  9. I enjoy our living/dining room – the furniture is comfortable, it gets a lot of natural light, and it’s where we all gather.

  10. I’m loving my half bath right now because the new toilet is awesome and the floor is floor again, not carpet!

  11. Hmm, I think my favorite room would be my bedroom because I can just shut the door and take a nap pretty much whenever I need to, it’s so quiet and calming.

  12. I love the family room because that is where all the snuggles and happiness is. We hang out together, we play, etc.

  13. The favorite room in my house is the playroom. It is where I have been able to find storage I like and it is big enough for the pvc tent the kids got last Christmas.

  14. My kitchen, and living room spaces are more important to me, because that’s were i do most of my entertaining.

  15. My favorite room is our living room, it’s where we spend all our time together as a family; movie nights, tummy time, catching up at the end of the day.

  16. I’min transition as to favorite room. Normally it would beour bedroom with lots of lush linens and posh pillows and a TV. However, we are remodeling a small home, and our bedroom is a mess. However, the kitchen is almost fabulous!

  17. My favorite room in my house is our living room it has to be the most comfortable place since I spend a lot of time in their.

  18. what a great way to give your child the ability to imagine wonderful things in their personal space! LOVE IT!

  19. My favorite room is the nursery. It’s not really decorated, but it’s the cleanest and has the best light =)

  20. My most favorite room in my home right now is the Family Room. I got around to painting and it now has a cozy feeling.

  21. I love my outdoor space. We have a patio canopy that has a mesh lining and also faux walls we can put up if we would like a bit more privacy. I love sitting out there at night and enjoy a relaxing evening overlooking our city view.

  22. My favorite room is my living room. It’s where I can relax and play my games and play with my daughter.

  23. My favorite room is the living room. I spend most of the time there with my Kids playing or in their (Kids) room. 🙂

  24. My favorite room in our house is our Family Room. I love having a space where we can just all be together hanging out and having fun!

  25. My favorite room is our Family Room. We spend most of our time there and it is so comfortable. Thanks

  26. My favourite room in our house is our family room, it is where we spend most of the time together and that is something I treasure deeply.

  27. That’s the coolest room ever!! My favorite room at my house is the living room. We are always there hanging out, and even eat dinner there because we don’t have a dining room yet! Thanks!

  28. My favorite is our family room, where we spend most of our time.
    Love the firehouse bed. My sons would flip over this awesome bed.

  29. My favorite room is our Family room! We all get to come together and play games and watch movies here!

  30. My favorite room is the kitchen! It’s warm, inviting, modern, and Old World at the same time – and the place where family and friends spend quality time together.

  31. my favorite room right now is the living room around the woodstove in winter, in summer it’s outside by the creek

  32. Favorite Room – we have an open area that includes kitchen and family room – my favorite because everyone can hang out there – lots of “elbow room” and it can be very relaxed, comfort-able.

  33. My favorite room in my house has to be the kitchen. It is where I prepare my family’s meals and bake and i just love homecooking!

  34. My favorite room is the living room. I love the space and atmosphere in that room. And alot of family time is spent there.

  35. My favorite room is our family room! It is the only room in our house that is currently completed, as we have halfway done projects to finish still in the rest of our house. It is a cozy room in the basement that we love to hang out and watch movies, read and spend lots of time in. 🙂

  36. I love my 4 year old’s room the most. It’s a knock-off of a brilliant home design blogger and I say a silent thank you to her every time I walk in because my little girl truly has a dream room thanks to her!

  37. I like the living room. It’s comfortable & we spend a lot of time there doing puzzles, building towers from legos & reading

  38. Our baby girl’s nursery. She’ll be a year old in 3 weeks and I still find myself spending as much time in there as possible. After years & years, losses, hopes smashed & a slew of procedures, our little miracle caught us all by surprise and whether I sit in there alone with her, I still can’t believe she’s here and all ours! It’s my happy place to go to!

  39. My favorite room in my house is the living room because that is the place in the home where my family spends time together.

  40. My favorite room is the parlor( living room) it’s where we have the most family time.Family games are played there,we have family movie night,it’s where everyone gathers together at the end of the day:)

  41. My favorite room is my 18 month old’s room. Because we had so much fun preparing it for him while we waited for him to arrive.

  42. The guest room is my favorite because it is so peaceful. The colors are calm and “spa like” and it’s on a totally different floor from the kid’ rod. 🙂
    I also love my daughter’s room because I made it in my favorite color: teal!

  43. The kitchen is my favorite room. That’s where I pour my love into my recipes for my family & friends.

  44. As of now, my favorite room is the kitchen! We love to cook together, do homework, water our window garden & do crafts! Although it’s not my beautiful dream kitchen, it’s the center of our house where we spend most of our time together! I LOVE the firehouse room & the bed! It looks like a little boy’s dream come true!!! Absolutely AWESOME!!!!!!! I hope one day my kids can have some cool themed out rooms like this one! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  45. Please, our blinds are the originals from when the house was built in 1992!!!!!! They are metal and horrid.

  46. Right now it’s my kitchen simply because that’s the only room that’s been completely redone in our home. The bathroom is next so I’m sure that will become my new favorite room once it’s done.

    boylaneely at hotmail dot com

  47. my favorite room is the bedroom because we relax there and talk about the day with no electronic distractions. Good family time!!

  48. That’s sooooo cool. My favorite place in the house is the living room and the kitchen one big open space so we can all interact. And be together as a family.

  49. my favorite is the room we just call “the fourth floor” since that floor is just one big room. we just painted it the most beautiful shade of tropical blue and it’s so soothing!

  50. My favorite room in the house would be my kitchen because I love to cook and spend time with my family=)

  51. (none at the moment, my husband has most of them tore apart-we are remodeling). Love my kitchen/living room, my masterbath isn’t completed and the grand baby loves playing in her soon to be ‘Minnie Mouse’ room/slash new nursery for the new baby.

  52. I live in an apartment so we don’t have to many rooms lol but I love our living room because it’s where the whole family (my hubby, 5 yr old son, 3 yr old daughter, 1 month old daughter) all hangout and just spend family time together.. it’s nice.. you gotta get those moments now 🙂

  53. My favorite room is the living room because that is where the whole family hangs out together everyday.

  54. We are in the process of moving but I think my favorite room is going to be my new kitchen. I love that it is open to the family room and full of natural light.

  55. My favorite room in the house is a little nook area off of the living room. I love how I decorated it and it has a high top table and a kegorator 🙂

  56. My favorite room is my little one’s nursery. I put the most love into it and painted it my favorite color. Plus, its for my favorite little person in the world!!

  57. My favorite room is our daughters room. I have painted birch trees on the walls and almost done painting the animals. Have a couple deer, birds, squirrels, fox, raccoon, butterflies etc. A forest theme room. The only thing we don’t have finished is blinds for her room. We have some curtains but they are more sheer and do not block out all the sun. Currently using some blankets to help with that. She loves playing and reading in her room, so we spend a lot of time in there.

  58. My favorite room in my house is the living room because i love how i decorated it and I have some really comfy couches and a huge tv 🙂

  59. The living room/kitchen is my favorite! We have an open floor plan and I love being able to cook while still talking to family!

  60. Our “playroom”, which is still in the process of being redecorated but we just bought a new sectional for it and it is amazing. Love being able to watch my son play while me and my large pregnant belly lay on the couch comfortably!

  61. My favorite room in our house is definitely the Master Bedroom! As the Mom of 3 little ones, it is my escape! I love how comfortable my bed is, and curling up with a good book in there is soo relaxing!

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  62. My favorite room would be my baby girls nursery. It has 3 cream colored walls and a pretty pink (with sparkles) accent wall. I love it!

  63. My favorite room is the bedroom. I can get my much needed rest from work to wake up refreshed to play w/ my kids.

  64. Mine is a tie between my formal dining room, because I love hosting and then what we call the caterpillar room. It’s the family/play room. It’s off to one side, slightly secluded and totally kid proof. It’s wonderful.

  65. My favorite room is my kitchen because we just redid the floor and painted everything so it’s nice and fresh.

  66. I loVe oUr liVing rooM, spacious to spend time with the family and enjoy quality time with our love ones¡¡¡¡¡

  67. My favorite room in the house is my daughter’s room. I need to make plans for my son’s room to be just as awesome!

  68. My favorite room is the kitchen. I like cooking. It relieves stress for me and I like making my family’s tummies happy.

  69. Right now, my favorite rooms are the kids’ rooms, because they’re the ones that are the most put-together, decorated, and cute so far in our new home.

  70. My favorite room is my son’s nursery. I spent a lot of time putting it together and it’s just very peaceful.

  71. We are in the nerve wracking process of buying our first home but my favorite room there is the living room cant wait to decorate it.

  72. My favorite room in my house is the den because it’s a good place for my daughter’s toys to be stored without taking over the living room!

  73. My favorite room would be my son’s nursery. I did an Alaska/woodland type theme and worked really hard on it. We brought back some items from an Alaskan Cruise like some Denali Park wall prints and some wooden airplanes. With some moose shower curtains turned into drapes and an adorable fake bearskin rug, it’s my favorite place to walk into. Happy place!

  74. Believe it or not, my favorite room in my house is my master bathroom. It’s soundproof, has soft gorgeous lighting and a spa tub to relax in. Because I’m a mother of 4 boys – my master bath is my little slice of Heaven in the evenings!

  75. My favorite room at this time is our children’s room – it’s the only one that’s all put together and cute 🙂

  76. My favorite room is my kitchen. I’ve repainted, refinished the table, and hung up some fun metal superhero pictures. It’s fun and funky.

  77. My fav room is the loft right that’s where I’m set up and the most comfortable nursing our 5 month oldTy

  78. Ha! I called it “front room.” It’s my living room – but my son started calling it front room when he was little and it stuck. Is front room actually a thing? 🙂

  79. At my old house – it was the front room. Right now my family is staying in an apartment, waiting patiently for my new house to be built since we just relocated. I can’t wait to pick a favorite room there! 🙂

  80. We are working on lots of home projects right now. My favorite room is the living room because it is the most complete at this point.

  81. My favorite room is my master bathroom. The colors are all my own…BEACHY; and it’s huge and open. And it overlooks are land.

  82. My favorite room is the living room because of the view and ceilings but it needs serious decorating assistance.

  83. Baby’s room is my favorite. I love to sit in there and rock him and look out the window. We still have not put up blinds and he is 4 months old!!

  84. My favorite room is my dining room because I have an amazing espresso wood dining set from IKEA that makes the room.

  85. My favorite room is my daughter’s room. We spend a lot of time in there and it’s the brightest room in the house during the day.

  86. My favorite room is our master bedroom we just painted, got all new decor and bedding and we just need blinds now! How perfect is that? Haha

  87. My favorite room is my baby’s room. I remember going in that empty room many times wanting to fill it up with baby furniture for when the day came that I would be blessed with a baby. Now, I walk in and it’s like a sigh of relief because he came true 🙂 . Plus, he needs safer blinds.

  88. My favorite room in our house is our living room, we bought a house that needed lots of updating and it is just amazing with the 2 story fireplace, windows and how we opened it up to the rest of the house.

  89. My favorite room now is the kitchen. I spend so much time in there it seems. But I’m hoping that will turn into our basement when it is finished!

  90. My favorite room is the living room. It is where we spend most of our time playing and reading books. My 1 year old daughter has her own little recliner chair and she grabs her favorite books or toys and hops in the chair.
    I would say the master bedroom is my favorite but we desperately need some new blinds or blackout curtains to block the sun from waking us up so dang early!

  91. My living room is the favorite room in my house because it really is the only room that is finished and we have been able to add all the final touches.

  92. My favorite room is my kids room b/c they love for me to be with them while they play. Even if I am just laying down form being so tired, they are okay with it. They will even “play doctor” to care for me while I am “sick” (really just sleeping, as long as I am with them 🙂

  93. My son’a nursery is my favorite room! Baby woodland creatures all around and all his little things make me love going in there!

  94. Right now, I think my favorite room is tied between our bedroom and our son’s bedroom… but both could use a few finishing touches!

  95. Right now my favorite room is the master bedroom because I want to go back to sleep… have had a sick lil so up and down the last two nights.

  96. My favorite room is the living room! It’s where everyone gathers at the end of the day and cuddles on the couch!

  97. My favorite room is the kitchen, we spend so much time with friends and family there doing homework, spending time with friends and family. Its our gathering place.

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