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  1. I know this is a fairly old review, but I just booked on the Nieuw Amsterdam and I have a question. The rule is that no diapers of any kind, and no non-toilet trained child (whether in or out of a diaper) is allowed in any pool or hot tub, not even family tubs. Is this enforced? Did you follow this rule?

  2. Hi
    Many thanks for your post. I have to say that I use to work on the Old and retired Nieuw Amsterdam as as Hair stylist and now after 20 years ago of missing being on the ship i want to do a cruise with my family.
    I dont remember much about the company catering for children and have been a little worried if it might be the right decision to go with them. Your posting has helped me tremendously so many thanks for your time. My only concern is one of my children is 2 and a half and the other is 3 and a half. (13 months between them) I am concerned that my youngest wont be allowed with his brother and excluded completely and as they are very close this may cause some problems. Are they flexible with ages.. We always have people asking us if they are twins because the younger brother is quite tall and chunky. Any feedback woudl be welcome.. Many thanks again for your post. I have to say i really wanted to cruise with my family with HA.

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