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Designing and Setting up a Home Office

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We can’t believe we are already at episode five, but when you are having fun with something, time flies! Today we are taking you inside a room that I spend A TON of time in, and that is my home office. I’m lucky enough to work out of my home but that also means working more hours than usual, and the separation between work and home is sometimes blurred. That being said, I love my job and I’ve taken the time to make sure that my office is comfortable and somewhere that I don’t mind working.

Before I take you inside my office and show you what I’ve done with it, I want to thank everyone who has helped with the decisions along the way on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

office furniture


My canvas wall is hands down my favorite part of my office. It’s the focal point of the room and represents my family. With 10 black and white canvases (2 different sizes) arranged on the wall, it’s a daily reminder of what I’m working for, how adorable my kids are and how time goes by so fast and that I need to take some time and slow down and spend time with my family sometimes. Yes, that canvas wall does all that!

canvas wall


There are two tall windows in my office that look out on the front of the house that I decided were not only a perfect place for the Simplicity Shutters from but also for drapery panels. You may not realize that also has draperies, but they do and their selection is amazing. The windows feature Bali drapery panels in the “Kuna Sterling” fabric that I think look amazing next to the shutters.

SHOP Simplicity Shutters at

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After making the office very neutral, I knew that I needed a pop of color and my red and white chair from Target was the perfect addition to do just that. It is a nice compliment to the blue and white rug that I ordered from the deal site Zulily and gives the office a bold color to play off all the greys.

We got the desk from JCPenny about 10 years ago and while I’d like to replace it with a more modern, open desk in the future, that update will have to wait because that requires a new computer system that doesn’t have a million cords and a big, ugly tower like my current PC. In the meantime, the desk still looks great, provides a large workspace and plenty of storage for files and other office essentials.

home office

The bookcase on the other hand is brand new and I love it! It is the Augustus Library Shelf from World Market and gives me enough space to keep some of my office chaos organized. It’s important to note that this office doesn’t contain all of the “stuff” that goes along with my job (baby gear mainly!) because there is a special room in the house for that.

office bookshelf

So, that’s it! Make sure you watch the episode above because words don’t do the office justice! You really have to see it up close and personal! Stay tuned for Episode Six in 3 weeks (on Thursday, December 4 at 9:00am EST on our YouTube channel).

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.