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How to Design a Clubhouse Room for Kids

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I know I said in Episode Two that the Firehouse Room was one of my favorite rooms in our house, but I have to say that the Clubhouse room is right there with it as one of my favorites. This is another unique kid’s room that we really put our heart and soul into designing. From the custom-made bed (that we built!) to the wall mural, the DIY desk and under bed hammock, this is a 7 year old’s dream room come true.


We designed this entire room around this DIY Clubhouse bed. After my son saw the Pottery Barn Kids Treehouse Bed in a catalog, he decided that he MUST have a camping room. Since it wasn’t the typical superheros or sports theme, we were on board! I wasn’t willing to shell out the $1500 for the PBK version, so we decided to build our own and it cost us less than $300 from start to finish!

We turned to Ana White’s fabulous site again to get the plans to make this bed. Yep, has the entire plans including shopping list, cut list and a step-by-step guide on how to make it. It only took us about a weekend to build it and another few days to stain it. After the stain dried completely, we added a coat of polyurethane and let that dry and air out for about 3-4 days. Overall, it took us about a week from start to finish including all the drying time.

Get the DIY Cluhouse Loft Bed Plans from Ana White HERE

Clubhouse loft bed

This was a project that we let the little guy help with from start to finish. We built the bed in the garage.

clubhouse bed making

And stained it in the front yard! Yep, we were the classy ones in the neighborhood that day staining a huge piece of furniture in the yard.

We designed the bed so that it could be unassembled and moved if we needed to and that’s how we got it upstairs into his room: by taking it part in a few pieces and putting it back together once we got it all up the stairs.

Clubhouse bed tutorial

We bought the twin bedding set from and not only was it budget-friendly but it looks great in his room.

SHOP for the camo bedding HERE

Clubhouse loft bed with boy

After the bed was complete, I found the perfect Lake Resort Canoe Rentals sign at the Pottery Barn Kids Outlet to hang in front. It only cost me $15 but since it was at the outlet, it isn’t sold in stores anymore. Good find on my part!

To utilize the space under the bed that isn’t tall enough for him to walk under, we hung a blue striped hammock that we ordered from Amazon to give him a place to read his books or just to hang out. I don’t have to tell you that he LOVES having a hammock in his room, and since it holds up to 200 lbs, my husband and I could crawl under there if we wanted to.

SHOP for the Hammock HERE

loft bed for kids


After falling in love with the brick wall wallpaper in my other son’s firehouse room, I knew I had to do something just as dramatic in the Clubhouse Room. I wanted trees of some sort, but just couldn’t find the right wallpaper. That is when I started looking at wall murals. This proved not to be an easy task either because his room is taller than most at 104″ from floor to ceiling, most of the murals were short by at least 2 inches. That is until I found this “Forest Dreams” photo mural on Amazon. I was a little nervous with ordering this mural because it was coming from overseas and you just can’t tell quality or even color that much online, but I took a leap and ordered it anyway. I’m so glad that I did because, while it wasn’t easy to put up, it does look great. The mural came in 8 labeled pieces that went up like wallpaper. We did buy extra wallpaper paste to ensure that it stayed put.

SHOP the Forest Dreams Wall Mural HERE

tree mural wallpaper


The clubhouse room has one huge window (with an amazing view of the treetops!) that needed to be covered so my 7 year old sleeps in on the weekends. At least until 7am. 🙂 We again turned to to help us ultimately decide on Levolor 2.5″ Real Wood Blinds to match the rest of the 2nd floor windows. Window safety was of utmost priority in both my boys’ rooms, so we chose cordless wood blinds that are easy to open with the tilt wand or by just lifting up the bottom rail with your hand. They were so easy to install ourselves and we had them up in minutes. SHOP the Levolor 2.5″ Real Wood Blinds HERE.

*Cordless Upgrades are FREE in October from This is HUGE because it usually adds 10-20% to the costs of your blinds and cordless blinds are the safer choice for a kid-friendly home!

For more information on Free Cordless, visit their website at

To add a pop of color on window wall, we added 95″ green, light-filtering drapes from

green curtains for bedroom


We needed to add a desk to my son’s room and just buying one wouldn’t have been right for such a unique room so we made one. That’s right, we make a simple, DIY desk to match the bed. We found the plans (which are really quite simple and you may not even need plans!) from again. We stained it with the same Minwax stain (jacobean color) and we think it’s perfect.

Get the plans for the Simple Small Trestle Desk

diy desk

So, that’s it! You’ve seen the amazing Clubhouse Room! Stay tuned for Episode Four in 2 weeks (on Thursday, October 30 at 9:00am EST on our YouTube channel) when we go in the kitchen.

DIY Clubhouse bed

*Disclosure: Thanks to for sponsoring our “At Home with Baby Gizmo” video series.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.