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How to Host a Busy Bag Party

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So… What’s a busy bag?

Here’s the deal. A busy bag is basically an activity that you keep in a Ziploc that your kid can do BY HIMSELF. It should be called “The Heavens Have Parted And Provided You With 20 Uninterrupted Minutes While Your Child Plays Happily Unassisted.” But “Busy Bag” is cuter and catchier.

Because these busy bags are self-contained and often contain a number of parts and pieces, they have some pros and cons. Pros: your child learns new skills or practices emerging skills (fine-motor, letter recognition, pre-writing, etc.) and they can complete and repeat the tasks with little or no input from mom, Con: pulling together the actual busy bag can be a pain in the butt time consuming.

The answer to all your problems: HOST A BUSY BAG PARTY!

It’s easy!

  • Make a list of friends with similar aged children
  • Send them an invite to your Busy Bag Party (explaining what a busy bag is)
  • Have each mom sign up/share which busy bag they are bringing (so you don’t get duplicates). I prefer to set up a Facebook Group or use Sign-Up Genius.
  • Throw a party! Have snacks, beverages, and most importantly, swap busy bags!

Each mom will show up having completely assembled one TYPE of busy bag for EACH mom attending. For example, if I choose to make a color sorting busy bag like this one, and I have 10 friends attending, I will make 10 complete versions of my color sorting busy bag. That way each of my friends gets one. After we all pass out our busy bags, we should each leave with 10 DIFFERENT busy bags, resulting in hours of fun and learning for our kiddos.

Looking for some ideas? Here are some of my favorites:

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Share this with your friends so you can have your own busy bag party! 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.