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  1. We carry a change of clothes for the twins. Wipes, snacks, bottles ect. everything needs to be double for twins! ❤️❤️

  2. I’ve been coveting this bag from the moment I found out I was expecting. I love the style, functionality and wearing options. Wipes, multiple changes of clothes and plenty of diapers will be the my go to items, always packed.

  3. I have to go with diapers, wipes, her organic baby sunscreen, diaper ointment spray and of course my rose balm which is great for her and me 🙂

  4. I wont leave my house with out diapers and wipes. We also try to make sure we have some type of small blanket and my daughters ‘night night’ in the bag as well.

  5. Wipes are the must have diaper bag item for me….wipes are so handy for so many different things!

  6. I have two of their bags now and continue to love them for their versatility and style. I’ve also received many compliments and been stopped to see the bag, Ha!

  7. My must haves are a few items all equally important cause they all have to be there, wipes, diapers, change of clothes, water bottle and a comfy spare short for myself.

  8. This bag is amazing !!! Some must haves in our household are boogie wipes, hand sanitizer, and lotion for me!

  9. That looks like an amazing bag, even without kids! I always feel like I am hauling so much with me even with just two kids. This would be perfect!

  10. Extra pacifiers are always in my diaper bag along with pacifier wipes since my son loves to drop them on the sidewalk.

  11. Such beautiful bags! Now that my son is toilet trained (hallelujah!), snacks are most important.

  12. I always need applesauce pouches stashed in my bag. (Its like they have a sixth sense when I forget to restock!!) Hope to win! ?

  13. Well I’m pregnant with my first baby so I don’t know what my must-haves are yet, but I would think hand sanitizer!

  14. I adore Lily Jade bags and my must have it a change of clothes, You never know when you will have a blow out!

  15. Didn’t know how to leave a message at youtube. This is so staylish, love it and perfect for Cloth diapers and wipes

  16. Cloths wipes. They have so many uses: dirty bums, dirty faces, eat. And I can toss them in the wash for future use.

  17. Wipes! And more wipes! With two young ones and a new one on the way, my daughter uses wipes like they’re going out of style! She is due in September, and is definitely ready to upgrade her diaper bag. I think this one is gorgeous, and she’d love it!

  18. I would love this bag as it looks more of a grown up bag than diaper bag! Could never afford it but crossing my fingers! Must haves: diapers, wipes, and WATER! It’s HOT in Texas!

  19. My must have for diaper bag: snack snack snack! Snack will make my 19 months busy for a while. Nothing else works better when you try to shop with baby!

  20. I have a beautiful one month old little girl and would love to have one of these beautiful bags but could never afford to buy one on my own. Here’s to hoping I get picked

  21. These bags are the absolute BEST! Totally worth the investment. Super sleek plus the functionality marries together for the ultimate is stylish “mom” bags!!! The customer service is also out of this world! Everyone needs a Lily Jade!

  22. These bags are the absolute BEST! Totally worth the investment. Super stylish, plus the functionality marries together for the ultimate is stylish “mom” bags!!! The customer service is also out of this world! Everyone needs a Lily Jade!

  23. One of my go to items for a diaper bag is the Baby Bottom Balm from Earth Mama Angel Baby. It has SO many uses! I also have to carry wipes, as I have a toddler that sometimes tries not to get messy. 😉

  24. Unexpectedly expecting baby 3 and would love a new diaper bag. Been carrying the same bag since baby 1.

  25. I have to have my set bag, cloth diapers, eco-friendly disposable diapers and wipes along with Baby Bee’s ( Burts Bees) all purpose cream great for everything from diaper rashes, dry skin, boo boo’s etc. Wishing everyone luck! xoxo

  26. When packing my diaper bag, I make sure I have my kid’s Itsy Ritzy snack bag! Because besides the obvious needs like diapers and wipes, I can’t leave home without a bag full of snacks for my 2 kiddos! 🙂

  27. Besides diapers and wipes, I usually have the tablet in my bag for my toddler. Never know when you will be in a long line. Learning apps can be a life saver!

  28. I retired my diaper bag when my baby turned about 2 1/2 because it just wasn’t cutting it. I always find myself scrambling for the right bag to hold both our essentials. This is just the thing!

  29. Must have are wipes, nothing like realizing you’ve run out when you really need them. Change of clothes when baby is a newborn too. Oh the blowouts. To go bibs!!! Then at friends houses or restaurants, you’re always safe.
    And lip chap for me. I can’t stand not having any!

  30. I LOVE this bag! So beautiful and chic and perfect for me because I am all about the brows and leathers! 🙂 not to mention I’m in desperate need of a new bag! Thank you Holly for this awesome giveaway and everyone at Baby Gizmo!

  31. My must have in my diaper bag is a waterproof pouch to put wet and dirty clothes and other stuff in till I get home.

  32. I think you pretty much covered everything that is needed for a baby at least that is pretty much all I carry. I love every feature on this bag, I love the backpack and cross strap choice cause I babywear most of the time and most diaper bags don’t accommodate that. The size of the bags are great they even accomodate cloth diapering. I have coveted the Lily Jade bags since I found out about them hope I get a chance to enjoy one of their bags.

  33. I always have a muslin blanket! Great for covering baby or putting on the floor for them to play, using as a nursing cover, or cleaning up a surprise spill!

  34. Beautiful bags! My problem is that I always pack too much! But I like to have a book or toy to keep the baby (or toddler) occupied in case of a meltdown.

  35. I always have a wet bag in the diaper bag. I never know when I need it and I hate being stuck with a mess without it.

  36. Wipes would be my #1 must have product in my diaper bag! There is ALWAYS going to be a mess and I want to be prepared!!

  37. For infants, my must have item was an extra shirt for me and a swaddle blanket for everything.

    For 7-8 months and up, my must have items are a silicone mat that sticks to restaurant tables and the munchkin 360 cup!

  38. I always need an extra set of clothes! My toddler gets very carsick, so we always make sure there is an extra shirt, pants, and jacket for her.

  39. I love this bag (the Madeline in Black especially!!!!) and its versatile straps, room interior and multiple pockets! It looks like a high end purse but can be filled with all of the essentials needed when you leave the house.

  40. A good diaper bag MUST have a large mom storage compartment. I can’t tell you how many bags I’ve returned or given away because my wallet doesn’t have a home. I just hate digging around to find it at the store. Pet peeve.

  41. I have a 4 year old and a 1 year old. I thought I was outgrowing the diaper bag stage but it hasn’t turned out that way. I would love to win this!

  42. I would love that bag! Baby due in. 10 weeks also have a two year old…let’s see i would put some cloth diapering stuff in there and a wet bag.

  43. I’m due in August with my third. My youngest is 7, so it’s been awhile since I had to lug a diaper bag around! I always kept lots of snacks for me in mine in case we were out longer than anticipated.

  44. I desperately need the diaper bag organizer! It would be a great tool to organize much needed diapers, wipes, extra baby clothes, hand sanitezer, diaper cream, snacks… etc…

  45. I always pack arnica cream in my kids diaper bag. Apply on non-broken skin when kids bump their head or squish a finger!

  46. Hand sanitizer has to be my number one must have in my diaper bag! With a 5, 3 and 1 year old who knows what I or they are going to touch lol. Love the Lily Jade bags.

  47. I always carry an extra wet bag in my diaper bag. This wet bag contains snacks and juice. A snack or drink could be just what I need to prevent a threenager meltdown!

  48. My must have is baby wipes!!!! No matter the mess, I can usually get it cleaned quickly!!! LOVE, LOVE the Lily Jade bags…I’ve been dreaming of owning one! Hopefully, I get luck with this contest!

  49. Gorgeous bag!!! I’ve always tried to get a “kid-friendly” bag and always wish I had gotten something nicer LOL

  50. Ponytail holders …once my hair clip broke and we were at the zoo in the middle of summer ! Nightmare for me trying to wrangle twins with my hair in a hot mess state:(

  51. I keep a receiving blanket in my diaper bag. It works as a blanket, a burp cloth, a nursing cover, a changing pad cover!

  52. My must have for my diaper bag is snacks, snacks and snacks! As long as I keep my kid supplied with food we can get through any shopping trip with a happy baby.

  53. Sooo love that Lily Jade treats adoptive moms who just have to deal with more challenges sometimes..including yucky comments. Thanks for spotlighting such a great company!

  54. I always keep a shirt for me and extra clothes for my kids because there is nothing worse than walking around in a shirt that smells like spit up or has a poop stain!

  55. Oh man! I’ve been wishing and hoping (and maybe even praying) for a Lily Jade for so long! They are beautiful and so so functional!!! Crossing my fingers hardcore over here!!!

  56. Must have product in my diaper bag is extra set of clothes. My daughter had a massive poop blowout at a party we were at and I’m glad I had an extra set of clothes and a wet/dry bag to store her poop mess clothes in.

  57. Sunscreen and a wet bag+change of clothes. My toddler is always getting into something wet/muddy no matter the season

  58. I always have a ton in my bag kid is always having blow outs so i need something with more organization right now mine is a hot mess

  59. Always carry a wet bag (we use cloth diapers) and cloth wipes. Hand sanitizer is useful and sunscreen is a must!

  60. I have to keep bottled water in my diaper bag. I can’t tell you how many times I have been out longer than expected and really needed a drink. Of course when that happens I either don’t have cash for a vending machine or am not near a place to buy a drink etc.

  61. Change of clothes and a sleeper in case you stay somewhere later than expected. This way you can out baby to bed when you get home without waking them up to put on pjs!

  62. I could really use a new diaper bag! I’m currently sporting a yellow plastic Shoprite bag!!!!

  63. My MUST HAVE item in my diaper bag is definitely my nursing cover milk snob. Absolutely love it, it has 3 different uses and each of them are a must. Nursing Cover, carrier cover, shopping cart cover. Perfect blanket at times too! ?

  64. Wipes and extra undies are a must for our bag! Even at 2 years toilet trained you can still have accidents.

  65. Wipes are my must have! Messy hands, face, high chairs, tables… they’re great for everything!

  66. Oh my. I looked at these for the first time today. I totally would love one of these. SO MANY POCKETS! SO ORGANIZED!

  67. A must have for me in our diaper bag is SNACKS! You never know when hunger is going to strike or you need to be able to give the kids something while you’re in the grocery store, etc

  68. You, Hollie are just beyond generous! You’re giving this gorgeous bag away for free??? I woukd be so grateful to win this Lily Jade beauty. I love how you found so many uses for the bag. The one thing I absolutely LOVE ab this bag is how it can go along with ANYTHING! Who could guess thats a diaper bag! I would love if I were the special recipient of this beautifully made diaper bag! Thank you~ and gluck to all

  69. Due with #3 in August but #’s 1&2 are 8 and 5 so I’ve been out of the diaper bag game for awhile. Love this bag!

  70. Hand sanitizer, diapers, wipes, extra outfit…or half of one ? muslin blanket…let be honest I think thats why my last diaper bag broke I’m an over packer. When they say what is the one must have item in your diaper bag…..ummm there is never one item in my bag….its stuffed.

  71. This bag is gorgeous, love the pop of color on the inside. Sofie the giraffe is always packed and would love it!

  72. My definite must-haveS in my diaper bag are diapers, wipes and my nursing cover. Also, a few snacks and toys for my 3 year old, got to keep him happy too!

  73. Ziploc baggies! Never regret having these in my bag since they don’t take up much space and help wrangle toys, hold dirty or wet clothes, etc!

  74. For sure you need diapers and wipes. But we always have an extra outfit and small blanket. Treats for the older kids.

  75. My deal bag! Id love to be able to keep the same bag for babies and the rare occasion I get out without them! ❤️

    1. Of course my phone auto corrects and posts before complete! It should say “dream bag”.

      Also, wipes of all sorts. Never leave home without wipes!

  76. My absolute must have item besides the standard diapers and wipes, etc, would be an extra Aden and Anais swaddle blanket. We use them for blankets and nursing covers. I am obsessed with those Lily Jade bags…but could never justify the purchase now that I just had my 4th and final baby.

  77. My number one must have in my bag other than baby wipes (because I use them for everything). You already mentioned in your video. A gallon size ziplock bag with an extra change of clothes incase of a blowout or just got really messy and needs a new outfit. Then you can put the soiled outfit in the ziplock bag until you get home so it doesn’t get all over everything else and stink up the whole bag.
    But another item I always carry with me at all times is a little first aide kit. You never know when a boo-boo may occur. Also have tweezers incase of a sliver and a one time use ice pack.
    As a mom who loves to stay organized. I love the removable and machine washable pocket organizer. It would be such a blessing to be able to get to what I need without having to dig through the whole bag to find it. Love love love and have dreamed for so long for an amazing LilyJade bag.

  78. If I had to choose one, my must-have product would be my nursing shawl/scarf from Covered Goods. It can also be used as a shopping cart/high chair cover, carseat cover, scarf, and blanket for my little one! It’s so versatile and rolls up compact! I love it!

  79. I love this bag!! My must have item in my diaper bag is definitely milk!! Be it either my milk i pumped, or formula, since I’m having to do both. But either one to feed my baby is what I definitely need! 🙂

  80. This is my dream bag! Seriously. I literally dream about the Madeline bag. With 3 kids 6 and under I could really use a new bag! My favorite feature is the removable organizer. Its genius! And the ability to wear it 3 ways is fantastic! Fingers crossed on this one!

  81. My partner and i are TTC and this just gives me so many cool ideas for when our own little bubba comes along. So organised and fabulous i love it! I think all my sisters in law would be extreamly jealous of me if i had one of those beauty’s ♡♡♡

  82. I always have NYX butter gloss in my diaper bag. I have a couple of glosses in all my bags because it makes me feel put together even if I have no other make up on!

  83. I have an ikea bag that cost $15 and that is what I’ve been using as a diaper bag for my two month old. I didn’t think I would need a “real” diaper bag until I saw your video on the Lily Jade bag!!! Seriously gorgeous bag!

  84. aside from the standard staples (diapers, wipes, extra clothes, etc) I keep a dose or two of gripe water in my bag. Excellent for kids big and small – even when they get car sick!

  85. We absolutely LOVE Lily Jade! Our must have in our diaper bag is the baby bum brush! I never leave without it!!!

  86. That bag is beautiful and so functional! Must have diaper bag item is my portable battery pack! I try and take one with me because heaven forbid the iPad battery dies or my cellphone runs out of juice!

  87. Love the bag &I would love to win one. My must have in my diaper bag is silicone muffin cups believe it or not. Great for a teething baby or a distraction for baby. My little guy is now 1 & I still have them in my bag. They’ve been awesome for plane flights or delays in the Drs office. Cheapest baby & bath toy ever ?

  88. I do have a must have item for my diaper bag. I must have a protein bar in there for me along with snacks for the kids. I so often forget to eat– it is a must because low-blood sugar mama is a cranky mama.

  89. I must have diapers, wipes, passifier, obviously 🙂 but i like to keep a blanket, My nursing cover, lipstick, change of clothing and a snack for myself in there too.

  90. My must-haves in my diaper bag (besides the obvious) are a change of clothes, snacks, & an emergency binky!

  91. OMG i love the classy look of these. IDK if i can shy away from my JJB but this bag would be an awesome addition to my bags!

  92. One of my favorite items to keep in the diaper bag is a totseat. It turns any chair into a safe seat for your child. I love it!

  93. Oh my gosh! I am now completely obsessed with this bag! It’s so beautiful & functional! I love my my31 diaper bag/purse and all… but it would be great to upgrade to a super classy diaper bag/purse!

  94. Besides the obvious essentials in a diaper bag. I always have to have a toy car or train to keep my 3 year olds hands busy! Never know!!

  95. My must have in my bags are plenty of extra wipes. The littles are always getting messy and wipes are easy to use and clean them up.

  96. One of my must have items for a diaper bag is baby wipes. They are a life saver because they can be us for mostly everything.

  97. I have to have wipes for my little messy man and absolutely cannot go anywhere without plenty of snacks to keep him occupief and tummy happy.

  98. Definitely one of my favourite blogs to follow! You’ve made selecting baby items alot easier. thanks ? oh and the lily jade bag is beautiful!

  99. My must have is a wet bag for accidents. This way if my kids get their clothes soiled I can put them in the diaper bag without it getting on everything else.

  100. I would love to have a Lily Jade bag!!!! I think they look amazing! And I love the idea of the pocket insert that can be taken out to make it a big girl bag!

  101. i love having my covered goods nursing cover with me to use as a shopping cart cover when i’m out & about.

  102. My must-have item would be baby wipes. I think I just about used them for every little thing. Clean off a table, your child, a runny nose, sticky hands, faces, whatever! 🙂 Total lifesaver for me!

  103. One thing I have to have to check every day is WIPES! They are.a must for my 17 month old, 4 and 7 yr old!

  104. I’ve loved the idea of Lily Jade bags for years! I’m expecting baby number two in 9ish weeks and I’d love to win one to carry with him!

  105. My one must have item in my diaper bag is Honest wipes! Wipes help clean up any mess on the go! I love the Honest brand because they are super thick!

  106. I am a first time mommy of a handsome little boy. I tend to overpack and it seems I always take so much but as a first time mom I like to be prepare for the unexpected. This beautiful lily jade would be perfect for all my little boys stuff and plus a little bit of mine. I love how it looks like a purse..
    Ps I love the color

  107. Hollie, you have the best giveaways! I’ve been swooning over Lily Jade bags for quite some time now! I would love to win a bag!

  108. I love how this isn’t your typically ‘diaper bag” . I LOVE purses so it’s been hard for me to trade my beautiful bags for a ‘mom’ bag. I get all the storage I could need with all the style I want! Love!

  109. I have to have Honest Company diaper’s and wipes. Snacks. Sophie the giraffe. And lip stick for me!

  110. 1 thing that I will ways have are extra clothes for my baby!! Forgot 1 time(she was a newborn) went out to dinner with my husband and she had a major blowout. I spent 15 minutes in the bathroom rinsing her clothes and drying under the hand dryer!

  111. My must have thing in my diaper bag is a muslin swaddle – multipurpose nursing cover/blanket/sun cover

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