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  1. Hello Abhijit here, anybody want to sell their Tagabike ? I am ready to purchase if it is in good condition

  2. I just love it and so do my kids!
    If anyone has a second taga seat, shopping basket or sidebags for sale plz contact me.
    Kind regards,

  3. Are you able to jog/run with this stroller?
    Moving from Texas to Shanghai and I am interested in purchasing one for my toddler.

  4. I own one and it’s amazing. I love the bike but hate the attention. Everywhere I go people stop and stare, comment, take pictures and ask me a ton of pictures. I feel really uncomfortable when people ask me how much it cost? and it’s a question asked everytime. I just purcahsed a large kryptonite chain for it because if I leave this bike anywhere for a second, I am sure it will be stolen.

  5. I have taga envy ! I dismissed one of the in a store in england as frivolous and they no longer sell them here= buyers remorse!

  6. WOW!! Thats easily the coolest most useful, amazing thing I’ve seen… well maybe since sliced bread ;). What I would give for that or the money to buy it!!

  7. Thanks for the tips Kelly! I am pretty overwhelmed with what I am going to do- as I have to shlep my 3 year old to preschool and take the 21 month (who will be 2 by then) old twins to the market, etc. with me. I’d love to pick your brain more on this 🙂

  8. Farrah, the box bikes are quite nice 🙂 If you get a sufficient lock you don’t have to worry much about theft. Kryptonite makes wonderful heavy duty chains that ward off thieves and protect against the cost of theft – they will reimburse you if the lock is cut off, which is near impossible to do. We use Kryptonite chains for our cargo bikes (Madsen and Yuba). The nice thing about other cargo bikes is that you can get up to speed and do longer distances, unlike the Taga. The Taga does seem nice for city errands, though.

    Many box bikes also have built-in wheel locks, which is always nice. Our Madsen has a front wheel lock, and it makes me feel a lot more secure in leaving it out in public.

  9. I need to get in touch with Taga! I am moving to Tilburg, Netherlands this October and have twins + 1 to tote around. My only thought about this over there- however.. is that I never saw them. They have a huge bike theft problem and I worry that if I actually got one it would be nabbed. Alas- my only other option is to get the old fashioned box and a bike which looks very intimidating to me. What do you think Taga? How about a custom one that blends in for me? 🙂

  10. This is the greatest invention! I’ve been thinking about something like this for the past few months, and here it is! We live in a small city with lots of parks and bike paths. My 11 yr old has wanted to go bike riding all over, but I can’t take the baby due to no baby seat. This would be great! We can hit up the bike paths, stop by the store and head home without changing out bikes for the car!!

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