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Kids Will Always Make Their Bed with Beddys

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It’s time to meet Beddys. Do you have trouble trying to get your kids to make their bed every morning? Even when they do attempt to make the bed, does it look all disheveled and you end up doing it yourself anyway?

We have the answer! No, really. This is the perfect solution.

The kids call it the solution to “getting mom off our back” and we call it the solution to them FINALLY making their bed! We all win!

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Spoiler Alert: You can get 20% off your ENTIRE BEDDYS ORDER by using the coupon code “BABYGIZMO” on the Beddys website.

Beddys is an one-piece bedding solution that includes the top comforter and fitted sheet all in one. It goes on the bed easily like a fitted sheet so there’s no tucking, folding, stuffing or anything like that to get a great looking bed. To make the bed, all you have to do is zip! Smooth zippers completely line the bed so that you can unzip the top comforter as much as you’d like and even remove it all the way for easy washing.

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I absolutely love how neat and tidy the Beddys look on the beds. Yes, it definitely brings me joy, Marie Kondo, so these are STAYING!!!

I’m not sure how we lived without Beddys before but they are amazing. My daughter has had Beddys on her bed for a while now, but she has always been the “neat one”, so her bed was usually made anyway. The boys are a whole other story. I’m not sure what took me so long to just get them Beddys so that I could stop making (or rather re-making!) their beds.

young girl on beddys covered bed

When Beddys reached out and said they would send Beddys for the boys, I jumped at the opportunity! It was a perfect time since we just moved into our new house and are decorating their new rooms. My 12 year old wanted a low-key room with some Hollywood acting accessories but you’ll have to wait for the grande house tour to see the finished design. For now, I can show you his bed because we just couldn’t wait to show you his Beddys.

teen boy in front of beddys on bed

Actually, he is the one who did a funny video all about “getting mom off his back”. You can watch that here…

Who knew he was a funny guy, right? And I definitely don’t have pink hair but moving on….

He didn’t say in the video but his Beddys is actually the “Modern Grey” set with the minky. You can find it HERE.

DIY Loft Bed with Beddys

We couldn’t tell you about Beddys without giving you a sneak peek at my 9 year old’s room in the works. We built him a Surf Shack Beach Bed complete with a thatch roof and a hammock underneath. Actually, we transformed his older brother’s Clubhouse Bed into the surf bed so we did a little re-purposing. No need to start from scratch when we can TRANSFORM!!

It turned out fantastic but definitely wouldn’t have been complete without easy-to-make bedding. Yep, loft beds and bunk beds are notorious for being difficult to make but not with Beddys. We picked out the “Game On” Beddys set and it worked perfectly with his new bed. Plus, he is able to make his bed every single morning with very little effort!

Beddys Game On

Beddys has so many options of cute prints and colors and sizes come in twin, full, queen and king. They even have options for RVs!

Since we LOVE Beddys so much we thought it was time to share the love with YOU. You can get 20% off your ENTIRE BEDDYS ORDER by using the coupon code “BABYGIZMO” on the Beddys website.

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Stay tuned to see a full room tour of both these rooms because they aren’t finished yet but we thought we’d share the Beddys Coupon Code while you were waiting!

*Disclosure: Affiliate links have been used in this article. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.