Let’s Party … Frozen Style!

Let’s Party … Frozen Style!

Did you pre-order Frozen in anticipation of today’s release? Or, did you trek to the store first thing and host a little Frozen party as your kids sing at the top of their lungs?

However you acquire it – I suspect we’ll see sky high sales this week for Disney’s super popular film, Frozen. The movie stands alone as a fun family event, but why not make it a bit more exciting with a Frozen party? Serve some chilly food, add a splash of decor and surprise those Frozen fanatics with a “just because” present in celebration of the DVD debut! Here’s a few ideas to kick off your creativity!

Dig out those snow Christmas items and set the scene with a pretty tablescape …


Then, focus on some fun snacks! Like a hot chocolate bar with dunking marshmallows …


And here’s a win with a few kid favorites, Jell-O for Kristoff’s ice cubes, pretzels for Sven’s antlers and Olaf cheese …

snacks 1source


And a well-rounded meal if you’re look for more than just snacks …

frozen mealsource

What amazing bags for an intermission surprise!

oalf bagsource

Or a post movie activity to continue the fabulousness of Frozen (pre-trace these designs during nap time as they’re not a printable that I can tell) …


Don’t forget costumes to bring Frozen to life in your living room …

princess annasource

princess elsasource

Love this backdrop idea for a photo shoot of your girl’s favorite Frozen costumes …

back dropsource

Will you be hosting a Frozen party? What are your plans to make it extra special? Share your party photos with us by tagging them #BGFrozenParty!


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