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Magical Harry Potter Pieces for Your Home

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Unless you’ve been living under the sorcerer’s stone—or maybe one of Hagrid’s rock cakes—you know that Muggles everywhere are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the publication of Harry Potter. Pottery Barn Kids, Pottery Barn Teen, and Williams Sonoma have had a pretty magical Harry Potter collection for a while now, but Pottery Barn has really stepped up its game across its brands in honor of the anniversary.

In fact, it’s so amazing that I would consider adding another kid to my family just so that I could buy the entire Harry Potter Baby Collection collection, and I could cheerfully turn my house into Hogwarts using the rest of the pieces. I’m not sure the rest of my family is on board with that, though, so instead I’ll just share some of my favorite pieces with you.

harry potter

HARRY POTTER™ Organic Damask Crib Fitted Sheet: This crib sheet is part of the Patronus Baby Bedding set. How lovely is it to think of putting baby to bed on a sheet full of protective charms made up of the happiest of memories?

harry potter

HARRY POTTER™ BUCKBEAK™ Plush Rocker: Well, you could go with that IKEA rocking moose that all the rest of your friends have [raising my hand], or you could select this amazing hippogriff rocker. Just remember to teach baby to bow before trying to ride him.

harry potter

HARRY POTTER™ GOLDEN SNITCH™ Mobile: It’s never too early to start training your little Seeker. And the real seal of approval? When my six-year-old saw this, she said, “If Baby [her doll] was real, I would totally get this for her!”

harry potter

HARRY POTTER™ Letter Sham: This pillow sham is in competition for my most favorite thing in the whole collection. (Although any true Potterhead knows that the stitching should be emerald green.)

harry potter

HARRY POTTER™ HOGWARTS™ Express Bed: I simply can’t talk about this collection without pointing out this bed. Imagine heading off to dreamland from Platform 9¾ every night?! I mean, seriously—the idea of it is so awesome that I think I can make a twin/trundle bed combo work for my room.

mythical metal bed

HARRY POTTER™ Mythical Metal Bed: This bed—especially made up as it is—looks like something straight from Beauxbatons. And as if the bed wasn’t gorgeous enough, it’s covered in sheets trimmed in spells and a Patronus duvet and sham (because why should only our littlest babies get all the protection and happy thoughts). Gorgeous!

harry potter

HARRY POTTER™ MARAUDER’S MAP™ Pillow Cover: We all know our little angels aren’t perfect, and the best parents give their kids just enough freedom to indulge in a bit of naughtiness. Enter this amazing pillow cover. Now all your kids will need is an Invisibility Cloak and they’ll be all set. Mischief managed.

harry potter

HARRY POTTER™ Knit Throw: I’ve been trying to talk my husband into this throw for a while. Unfortunately, it definitely doesn’t go with our living room. And then there’s the problem that no one in my house is in the same, well, house. Which throw would we even get? (Slytherin, of course.)

mirror of erised

HARRY POTTER™ Floor Length MIRROR OF ERISED™: A. Floor. Length. Mirror. Of. Erised. I mean, I have nothing else to add. What more could anyone possibly say?

triwizard table lamp

HARRY POTTER™ Triwizard Table Lamp: I love pieces that let me decorate my house with things I love that some might consider a little bit dorky or childish in a way that, you know, isn’t. Like this lamp. You have to give it a few glances to see the details that identify it. And if you do know what it is on sight, we were meant to be friends and can enjoy its awesomeness together.

harry potter

HARRY POTTER™ Phoenix Floor Lamp: And then there are pieces that are a little less subtle. This lamp could hang out in your kid’s bedroom. Or, you could let them put a bit of something they love in the main space of the house. It would be equally at home in the living room or front hall as the light that’s always on when you leave the house. What a friendly thing to come home to: a faithful phoenix.

home decor

HARRY POTTER™ GOLDEN SNITCH™ SNACK BOWL: I LOVE this snack bowl! My grandma always kept a small crystal bowl with a silver lid full of peanut M&Ms at her house, and now it’s at my parents’. When I saw this, I told my husband I think I found our house’s version.

So, these are some of my favorite pieces, but really: Accio everything!

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