Makes Grandma Happy – Grandchildren Photo

You know what makes grandma’s heart happy? This…


My mother is no different than most grandparents who are just beaming with joy because they have grandchildren. My mom is always insisting that she needs a photo of ALL the grandchildren together. This is no easy feat because she has FIVE children who live in FIVE different states and have 15 grandchildren between us. This Thanksgiving she took the bull by the horns and made it happen! Before the holiday, she went out and bought a shirt for each child and assigned each family a color. My kids are green. She bought iron-on decals in the numbers 1-15 and started ironing.

When we all arrived for Thanksgiving, she gave each child their shirt and we lined them up on a wall. And I wrote a poem… 😉

15 Grandchildren up on a wall.

Who will be the first to fall?

They each have a number on a shirt with a color.

This is the work of my quirky mother.

A poet, I am not, but something had to accompany this photo on Instagram! 🙂

Just so you know, there were two grown men laying on their bellies on the patio holding up #14 and #15 since the kids were all lined up on a wall. We didn’t want any babies in the bushes.